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Mood Swing: The Latest Addition to the Cairene Culinary Scene

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Mood Swing: The Latest Addition to the Cairene Culinary Scene
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Cairo 360

Brimming with an endless list of culinary destinations, Cairo is never boring when it comes to the many options with which you can feed your gastronomic cravings. However, only a handful of places manage to offer a complete dining experience, where quality food is but a part of the whole that includes a warm ambience and a welcoming service.

With this concept, comes Heliopolis’ latest addition to the list, Mood Swing, bringing the whole experience with a touch of music; jazz, Latin, and blues to be specific. Occupying a villa on the outskirts of Korba, Mood Swing is designed to be a second home for everyone.

Offering an array of wholesome international delicacies that cater to every taste, Mood Swing’s menu gathers a host of all-time favourites; from soups, pastas, and main dishes, to Cairo’s favourite Japanese classic, sushi. In addition, the restaurant has a variety of desserts that are sure to draw a smile on every Cairene with a sweet tooth.

When it comes to the ambience, Mood Swing’s overall contemporary setting matches the concept; offering various seating areas, in addition to a stage that hosts a diversity of live performances, bringing some of Cairo’s best Latin, jazz and blues musicians; Mondays are for commercial swing, Wednesdays are for jazz, while Latin is served on Thursdays. 

In a nutshell, Mood Swing doesn’t only serve good food, it serves a mood that brings music, fun times and warmth to your table.