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Head to These Spots for a Uniquely Delicious Sohour

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Head to These Spots for a Uniquely Delicious Sohour
written by
Sherif Khairy

Two thirds of Ramadan are up and we’re nearing the end of the Holy Month, so if you have anything left to do, now’s the time to step it up. While there are more important things to do than food, we can’t help but tell you how much you’re missing if you haven’t tried out these sohour spots. You can give yourself a reward by enjoying a delicious meal at these places, away from Ramadan tents.

1. Fatouta

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Named after the famous and lovable Samir Ghanem character, Fatouta is the fruit of a few young guys’ labour, who’ve decorated the gloomy Nabil El Wakkad Street with beautiful Ramadan decorations. At Fatouta, you can enjoy a diverse array of true sohour food: all kinds of foul, eggs, potatoes, and cheese. And of course, they didn’t forget about drinks and desserts, plus the essential yogurt or rayeb at the end of your meal. Unfortunately, delicious food, good prices, and a great atmosphere, means you’ll have to wait for a table at this spot.

2. Btatsaya

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After an incident a few days ago, Btatsaya is revived and we can now enjoy their tasty sohour dishes again. It’s simply a foul cart with chairs, Ramadan decorations, and of course, tasty food. Again, in Nasr City, you can be sure this will be one of your favourite sohour spots. Don’t forget to try out their eggs, and finish off your sohour with their famous rice pudding.

3. Taghmisa

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Made even more popular by the appearance of many celebrities and influencers at the Emerald Twin Plaza sohour spot, Taghmisa has quickly become a go-to place in Ramadan. Taghmisa offers the usual sohour food plus a few specialties, like their melted cheese platters, melted halawa pot, and other delish desserts. 

4. Fel-Felucca

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A meal with a view, what could be better? Fel-Felucca allows you and a group of friends to enjoy a secluded, beautifully decorated felucca for sohour. Enjoy the amazing Nile breeze as you glide through the waters while enjoying delicious food. 

5. B Yard

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You may think B Yard is just like any café, but if you try out this place, you’ll know just how unique it is all throughout the year. Especially in Ramadan, B Yard has awesome vibes, and delicious food. The seating area, while good enough, is definitely unable to accommodate for all the people wishing to eat there. They even have performances a few days a week.

6. Qedrt Zayed

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Just check out their fun Instagram account, or take a look at their reviews on Facebook, and you’ll instantly know exactly why you should have sohour at Qedrt Zayed. Located, obviously, in Sheikh Zayed, Qedrt Zayed has become famous for its quality food and generous proportions. So if you’re looking to have some good food that will surely keep hunger away, head over to Qedrt Zayed for an amazing Ramadan experience.

7. Eish W Gebna

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Talk about premium sohour, looking at Eish W Gebna’s food photos will give you a completely different outlook on sohour food. Never have we seen foul and eggs look so appetising. Eish W Gebna is located at G-Out Mall in New Cairo, and offers a huge variety of sohour options to satisfy your every need. Make sure to reserve your spot because this place will be really busy. Check out their Facebook page to when you can call for a reservation.