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New Year, New Chef Le Berre Shares His Story at Hilton Heliopolis Hotel

Chef Guenael Le Berre city life egypt feature Hilton Heliopolis Hotel interview
New Year, New Chef Le Berre Shares His Story at Hilton Heliopolis Hotel
written by
Mariam Nowar

The fresh start to 2021 has enabled us to look around the country where the food smells the nicest and tastes the most delicious. That led us to Hilton Heliopolis’ Le Marche, where we sat down with the hotel’s brand new Executive Chef, Guenael Le Berre.

The French expert chef shared with us how grateful he was to be in Egypt, and how he expects better days to come for the chance to excel. His bright outlook and soaring spirits in the following Q&A are what will put a smile on your face today, and keep your belly warm with comfort food in the near future.

Cairo 360: How were you able to bring a piece of your hometown to Cairo’s cuisine?

Chef Guenael Le Berre: As I come from the French west coast, I will start bringing more traditional French fresh fish and seafood dishes. At Hilton Cairo Heliopolis, we have a large selection of restaurants; we will start with Le Marche and concentrate on upgrading the food concept and offerings.

360: Apart from France and Egypt, which country around the world inspired your cooking most?

GLB: I am lucky to have worked in many countries around the world, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, USA, Mauritius, Cyprus. I spent a good part of my career in Asian countries, and therefore, despite not being an Asian chef, I have a good knowledge of the Asian kitchens, this helps me “fusion” some recipes to create a fantastic guest experience.

360: How has your experience been so far working at the reputable Hilton Heliopolis hotel?

GLB: The first few weeks have been such great ones, I felt very welcomed by the team, and they made my arrival as easy as possible. Despite the virus and its constraints, I found a team with a good spirit, open-minded, and willing to move on and improve the food and service quality. 

360: What is your favourite dish to cook? Why?

GLB: My favourite dishes to prepare are always seafood, particularly scallops and langoustine; scampi can be done raw as tartare or carpaccio, marinated ceviche style, with pasta, or in a light stew. I like to use and cook those items because they are very versatile.

360: Who can you credit and thank for such tremendous success?

GLB: First and foremost I credit and thank my parents who believed in me and my talent and supported me to continue in the career that I chose at an early age, and stood by me to help me get where I am now.

I also thank every chef who taught me recipes and different ways of cooking, I thank everyone who directed and supported me, even those who were tough with me as it helped me be stronger and reach to my goals.