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Not shy about your love for cheese? 6 places to find Cheese Fondue in Cairo

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Not shy about your love for cheese? 6 places to find Cheese Fondue in Cairo
written by
Nelly Ezz

The fondue concept started in Switzerland two centuries ago to use old cheeses and loaves of bread; some families had a hard time getting fresh foods during the wintertime and so, cheese fondue was born. Fondue was promoted as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union in the 1930s, and since then it’s been an international delicacy. Generally, cheese fondue consists of a blend of cheeses, wine, and seasoning; some places may alter a few things, but basically, it is yummy melted cheese in a pot.

Find out where you can find this Swiss bowl of creamy heaven here in Cairo:

  1. Le Chalet:

It is part of The Swiss Egyptian Restaurants Corporation. The company operates several Swiss restaurants here in Cairo– Le Chalet, Le Chateau, and Le Chantilly – to give Cairenes a taste of the Swiss Alps. Le Chalet boasts an amazing location on the banks of the Nile and an incredible specialised menu. They serve the cheese fondue (Fondue au Fromage) for 340LE – and it can be served without alcohol.

  1. Le Chateau:

On the upper floor of the same place where Le Chalet is, Le Chateau claims to be one of the most refined restaurants in Giza. They cater a lot of dishes; from Swiss specials to oriental flavours and desserts. Their fondue is the same price as Le Chalet; 340LE, which also can be made without the addition of the wine.

  1. Le Chantilly:

This one is located in Heliopolis with a great location in El-Korba. Beef Tournedos, Veal Emincé a La Zurichoise, and Saucisses Tessinoise are all Swiss specials on their menu along with the Cheese Fondue Pot for – you guessed it – 340 LE -with or without the wine.

  1. Swiss Cottage:

This place is hidden away in Degla, Maadi – yet it should not be missed. They serve the ever-so-tempting Raclette (a different way of having melted cheese) amongst various other dishes. However, they put some twists on their fondue: their standard Cheese Fondue is 345LE, the Salami Cheese Fondue 365LE, Tomato Cheese Fondue is 360LE, Vegetarian Cheese Fondue for 360LE, and Swiss Mushroom Cheese Fondue for 380LE; an absolute must-try!

  1. La Chesa:

Cheese Fondue in Downtown? Yes please! La Chesa serves everything; kids’ meals, oriental Chef specials, Swiss delicacies, pasta, snacks and even breakfast. Furthermore, they also have our beloved pot of gold – the Cheese Fondue for only 320LE.

  1. Melt Bistro & Lounge:

Melt is a brand-new addition to the food scene that has just opened in the Mall of Egypt and has a great menu selection. Their opening was a huge success, and so is their Cheese Fondue – if you are ever in Mall of Egypt doing some shopping, pass by anytime from 10.00AM to 11.00PM; you won’t regret it.