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One-Hit Food Wonders: 5 Places in Cairo Offering One Distinctive Product

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One-Hit Food Wonders: 5 Places in Cairo Offering One Distinctive Product
written by
Nelly Ezz

Image credit: Elena Cakes & Sweets

From your fine-dining restaurant featuring a two-page appetiser menu to your hip vegan eatery that serves non-dairy ice cream, the range of different types of restaurants continues to expand. Of course, each restaurant has its own unique ambience and feel, and it’s no wonder that pop-up venues rise amidst all this to bring us creative new concepts. Luckily, we’ve comprised a list of a few shops around our capital for you when you feel like trying something different!

  1. Undagi’s

The concept is simple; fluffy, airy Japanese cream-filled puffs. These Japanese Shu Cream puffs resemble French choux pastries, but they’re slightly different in fillings and texture and have become a Japanese culinary staple. Undagi serves those puffs in various flavours like matcha, chocolate, classic, and crispy. Even though those puffs are the main attraction, milkshakes and matcha balls M&M’s are also on offer.

Find them in Cairo Festival City Mall and Walk of Cairo – call 01200009019 for delivery information.

  1. Taiyaki

Another Japanese delicacy joins our list with their famous Japanese-style Taiyaki Ice cream. Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake commonly sold as street food in Japan. Here in Cairo, Taiyaki serves up those cakes filled with Nutella, custard, kinder, lotus, raspberry, and pistachio, with soft-serve ice cream on top. Taiyaki also serves yummy shakes and pancakes – however, the Instagram-famous ‘Black Coconut Ice-cream’ might be their coolest offering yet! 

You can find Taiyaki in B Yard, New Cairo – or WhatsApp them on 01141101109 for more information.

  1. Elena Cake & Sweets

Elena took Cairo by storm with one offering: Russian Honey Cake. Elena started work back in 2016 to introduce Cairo to the famous Russian cake “Medovik” – and succeeded. The Honey cake is an airy, lightly spiced layer cake that comes in caramel cream, coffee cream, sour cream, custard cream, and white cream fillings. There are around seven different sizes on offer depending on the occasion, but you need to preorder at least five days in advance.

Find Elena’s shops in New Cairo, Nasr City, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, and Alexandria. Find more information about sizes, phone numbers, and deliveries online here.

  1. Baogr

We have another Asian-inspired restaurant to mention, but this time, it’s Chinese. Baogr is a recently opened concept that popped up in Heliopolis. They mainly serve Bao Buns, aka steamed buns; warm, fluffy sweet white dough buns stuffed or wrapped around fillings. They have classic bao buns on offer alongside bao burgers, salads, starters, and even dessert bao buns.

Give them a try when you’re in Almazah area or call 01113911194 for more delivery information.

  1. FengCha

Maadi will always be the perfect place to look when searching for hip concepts. So, we found Fengcha in Maadi, a charming Boba Tea shop that will satisfy all your bubble tea dreams. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s at a small tea stand – and now it’s everywhere. The drink mainly consists of tapioca balls on the bottom, followed by a layer of shaved ice and milk tea to fill the beverage. These drinks come in different mesmerising colours and unique flavours like Cake Boba, Wolfberry, Matcha, and many more. They recently added crêpe cakes to their menu, but their Boba selection is matchless for sure.

Reach them on 01093550293 or pass by their store on Street 232, Maadi.