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Osmanly: Bringing Back the Ottoman Empire

Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo Osmanly Restaurant Smoked ribs Turkish cuisine
Osmanly: Bringing Back the Ottoman Empire
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo, hands down, is one of the most beautiful destinations with its mesmerising Nile view, especially during sunset, and its amazing rooftop experiences. One of the hotel’s highlights is Osmanly restaurant. A restaurant that brings back the essence of the Ottoman Empire.

    The antique vibes of the restaurant, with its decorative plates and silverware, will definitely take you on a trip around Turkey right here in Cairo. The warm orange colours of the restaurant also serve its tone well making it look cosy and chic all at once.

    From Turkey all the way to Cairo, Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo presents the Turkish cuisine experience through Osmanly. Known for using the freshest of ingredients to bring their dishes to a high-quality standard, Osmanly restaurant offers an elaborate menu, from beef and lamb to savoury snacks and Turkish puff pastry.

    Their snacks include Sarma, a dish made up of stuffed vine leaves and tomato sauce, which is a great way to get your stomach rumbling before the main show! They also serve Lamb durum, which is essentially a juicy, flavourful lamb kebab dish.

    Since the dilemma of eating at any restaurant with a menu variety is the decision-making process, Osmanly restaurant is saving you the hassle and recommends their star dish for this month: Smoked and slow-cooked beef ribs. The dish is prepared and served right under your nose: A classic dinner and a show!

    Osmanly restaurant isn’t just known for the top-notch quality ingredients, but also for its meat which is highly inspected by their trained chefs before it reaches the grill to ensure they serve the best quality of meat.

    You can also enjoy your dinner with a selection of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages from their drinks menu, and the staff will also be delighted to help you choose to make the most of your meal. Their alcohol menu selection includes wine sourced from different regions around Turkey, so you can get the maximum Turkish experience possible.

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