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Patties, Cheese, and Buns: The Capital’s Best Burger Dishes

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Patties, Cheese, and Buns: The Capital’s Best Burger Dishes
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Sherif Khairy

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We can’t talk enough about the deliciousness of burgers, so if you feel like this is déjà vu for you, relax, you’re not going crazy. Today we’re not just mentioning the best burger spots in Cairo, we’re talking specifically about the best burgers to have, so you’ll know what to order, and from where, for the best burger experience that Cairo has to offer.

Shiitake Mushroom by Buffalo Burger

Buffalo Burger has taken the reign of burger joints in the fast-food category. Their reasonable prices, and even distribution around Cairo makes them ideal for delivery. So if you’re getting your next burger fix from Buffalo Burger, your best bet would be the Shitake Mushroom (48-80 EGP). You can also go for the supreme Bacon Mushroom Jack (60-84 EGP), or the cheesy The Rastafari (59-83 EGP), topped with jalapeno cheddar.

Willy’s Nacho Burger by Willy’s Kitchen

Willy’s Kitchen is famous for their massive burgers and generous toppings, but perhaps their most unique offering is the Nacho Burger. Willy’s Nacho Burger (61.5-96.5 EGP) is a mighty meaty sandwich that comes as a beef patty topped with beef bacon, chilli beef, caramelised onion, and cheddar cheese, all wrapped with deep fried tortilla bread. Don’t even think about the calories. Their Crispy Fried Chicken (53.5 EGP) is also a brilliant choice, and their hot dogs are surely worth a try.

Melting Volcano by Daddy’s Burger

Rising to fame in the past year or so, Daddy’s Burger is the newest addition to Cairo’s gourmet burger scene. They offer cheesy, consistent, and delicious burgers with a whole lot of toppings. The Melting Volcano (89 EGP) sandwich is quite basic, but the taste is far from ordinary. You can also go for the immensely cheesy Molten Lava (69 EGP), or try out their experimental Daddy’s Chicken Breast (49-69 EGP) topped with caramelised banana, berry jam, and peanut butter.

Double Patties J Bomb by The BRGR Truck

Perhaps too pricey for the portions, but still one of the best burgers in town. The BRGR Truck is perfect if you’re looking to forget about economical food for a day. For the best experience, go for the Double Patties J Bomb (75 EGP), a simple double cheeseburger with brilliant spices and flavourful cheesiness.

The Swiss Burger by Fat Cow

This burger joint knows how to keep their quality standards high, and they offer burgers with premium ingredients that you might not find anywhere else. To name one, The Swiss (85 EGP), topped with provolone cheese, is the perfect embodiment of the quality that Fat Cow offers. You could also go for the Parmesan Chicken Burger (85 EGP) for a different experience.

The Good Stuff Melt by Good Stuff Eatery

The international franchise, Good Stuff Eatery, hit the burger scene in Cairo with high expectations and high prices. Perhaps their best offering is The Good Stuff Melt burger (90 EGP) which is topped with tasty, melted, authentic American cheese, caramelised onions, sautéed mushrooms, and best of all, Good Stuff sauce. Very juicy, and immensely delicious.

The Original Burger by The Tap

All branches of The Tap offer a number of delicious menu items to satisfy all your munchies. The Original Burger (95 EGP) is a 220-gram patty that is perfectly seasoned and incredibly juicy. It’s very simple, but the execution is what it’s all about. Good patty, good bun, and good toppings equal a perfect sandwich.

Smoked Burger by Mince

With appetisers such as Loaded Onion Rings and the Waffle Potato Bites, Mince is one of the best burger spots in town. Their Smoked Burger (55-100 EGP) is a brilliant mix of sweet and sour tastes, thanks to the smoked cheese and raspberry jam combination. For a diverse mix of flavours, you could go for a bunch of their sliders: the 4 Chilis (25 EGP) is a good option if you have a high tolerance for spiciness, while Blue (25 EGP) and Chilly Billy (35 EGP) are good choices for a unique flavour.

The Masterpiece by Butcher’s Burger

Wings, fries, appetisers, and most of all, burgers. This place has it all. Many people would firmly state that Butcher’s Burger offers the best burgers in town. But which of its offerings takes the limelight? Exactly as its name suggests, The Masterpiece (89 EGP) is a simple yet powerfully delicious burger. You can also go for the humongous The Mighty Butcher (109-143 EGP), or the BBQ Pulled Brisket Sandwich (89 EGP) for a different experience. Also ask for the Steak N’ Burger, if it’s still on offer.