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Perfect for Dates: A Comprehensive Guide to Cairo’s Most Romantic Restaurants

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Perfect for Dates: A Comprehensive Guide to Cairo’s Most Romantic Restaurants
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While Cairo may not be as romantic of a city as Venice or Paris, it certainly has its own charm. Settings such as the Pyramids, Al Mokattam, or the Nile, make for beautiful views and gorgeous date spots, but they’re not all, which is why today we’re telling you about a bunch of excellent restaurants for romantic and upscale dates, right here in our capital.


One of the newest upscale restaurants in Cairo, ESCA boasts an elegant grey-scale theme in every item they have, whether it’s the walls, flooring, marble tables, chairs, or even the drinking glasses. Yet, despite they greyness of it all, it gives an awe of elegance and grace with no hints of dullness. As for the food, dullness is absolutely out of the question with beautiful presentation, delicious tastes, and unique offerings. Whether traditional seafood and beef fillet items, or different Bao Buns for appetisers, it looks very unique to the place, and the taste is impeccable.

JW’s Steakhouse

It doesn’t get much more elegant than this. Something for your eyes and soul, and something for your stomach as well. Black leather and wood suit this place well, and elegance continues with food presentation and taste. Fans of surf and turf can enjoy the blessing that is well-cooked steak and lobster in the same spot, and meat lovers can opt for their certified Angus beef, or even the Wagyu Fillet Mignon. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you need not worry about desserts, for quality is consistently excellent throughout the menu.


Chinese decorations and some of the best Asian dishes in town, the Le Pacha 1901’s restaurant is a cozy, upscale, and colourful restaurant that works perfectly for dates. Filled with Chinese lanterns that will put you in the mood for the food to come, this place will definitely not disappoint you or your date.


One of, if not the most elegant Turkish restaurant in Cairo. Osmanly boasts beautiful Nile views inside the Kempinski Nile Hotel in Garden City. Aside from luxurious decorations, your experience will be boosted by terrific service, and stunningly delicious food. The authenticity, presentation, and taste are all attended to with the utmost care and quality making for a delightful dining experience.

The Smokery

One of Cairo’s best views, located in Katameya Heights, The Smokery affords stunning views of the golf course with greenery extending almost as far as the eye can see. What’s special about this place, aside from its scenic views, is the cuisine. The Smokery sets itself up as a salmon specialist, and it is quite so. If you’re a fan of salmon, you’ll get a whole lot of diverse and creative choices, not to mention the other items in the menu which are perfectly executed. Perhaps a bit too cold for winter, it still remains an excellent date spot in Cairo.

La Trattoria

Considered by many as Zamalek’s top Italian restaurant, La Trattoria is somewhat hidden among the buildings of Zamalek, only distinguished by its classy front door. Authentic Italian meals are on offer at this restaurant, and while it may be a bit too traditional, it’s definitely one of the best Italian spots in town, and works perfectly well for classy dates.


Going classic in terms of view, and a bit unorthodox when it comes to cuisine, this Zamalek spot has a stunning panoramic view of the Nile, with outdoor seating being only a couple of metres away from the water itself. Mirai is one of the best Asian cuisine spots in town, its decoration is quite upscale yet cheerful, and its food, whether Asian dishes or sushi rolls, is absolutely brilliant.

Le Tarbouche

Putting the pacha in Le Pacha 1901, Le Tarbouche offers Egyptian and Lebanese cuisines with excellent authenticity and taste. Nile views elevate the beauty of this restaurant’s interior, and makes the dining experience much better. Satisfy all your cravings at this restaurant with shareable dishes on the table, because as you all know, sharing is caring, and there is no stronger romantic gesture than allowing your partner to share your meals.