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Pool Grill

Pool Grill: Mouth-Watering Food & Relaxing Ambience at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

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Pool Grill: Mouth-Watering Food & Relaxing Ambience at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

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No one heads over to the Four Seasons without expecting an experience. This is exactly what we got when we attended the Pool Grill restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza. The delightful poolside atmosphere paired with the warm, breezy, September evening weather made for an overall lovely night out.

We started out by ordering the mezzeh sampler platter (185 LE). It came with several dips and small snacks, including hummus, baba ghanoug, vine leaves, and pickles. This appetiser was a bit underwhelming, with the vine leaves being the only thing that really stood out. Honestly, you could indulge in much better versions of these dips and salads at any standard, and much cheaper, Egyptian/Middle Eastern restaurant.

As for our main dishes, we tried out the club sandwich (260 LE) and the penne arrabiata (185 LE). There’s just something about being by the pool that makes you crave those old classics, and these did not disappoint. The club sandwich was presented nicely on a long platter, split into four pieces. Besides being delicious, the ingredients tasted truly fresh. This sandwich was served with a side of fries, and they were nothing short of perfection. The penne arrabiata satisfied our craving perfectly, and the staff were extremely accommodating. When asked if the sauce could be made a little less spicy than usual (some of us are wimps when it comes to spiciness) they obliged happily. A downside to this dish is that on the menu it was said to have capers, but there were none in sight as we ate it.

For dessert, we wanted something simple and pool-side appropriate, so we settled on the lemon sorbet (50 LE per scoop). There isn’t much to say about this one, as it delivered exactly what was expected; a refreshing and delicious sweet treat.

The live entertainment added to the relaxing atmosphere. We went on a Wednesday, which is guitar night. The guitar player was talented; however, the choice of music was a little disappointing. They played songs such as the Godfather’s theme and Careless Whisper. While these were not terrible to listen to, it did feel a bit unoriginal.


360 Tip

If you like shisha, you can order some here. Paired with the pool and the music, it’s lovely!

Best Bit

Relaxing poolside atmosphere and beautiful Four Seasons décor.

Worst Bit

Extremely pricey (but what else would you expect?)

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