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Ramadan 2022 Dessert Creations

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Ramadan 2022 Dessert Creations
written by
Nada Wahba

There are a few staples that Ramadan wouldn’t be the same without, besides the religious practices, of course. It’s Iftar time, you’ve just finished breaking your fast with an entire feast, and your sweet tooth is starting to kick in. So you flip through menus of Ramadan creations that get an update every year, and you land on a few of this year’s Ramadan desserts. 

Konafa Apple Crumble 

Because an apple crumble isn’t an already satisfying dessert, Voila added a few items to the dish to make it pass the Ramadan-check vibe. As the name suggests, the dessert consists of a kunafa layer, topped with apple and cinnamon cream and caramelised apples, and a final layer of crunchy konafa. 

Kunafa Shell – Baklava Burger 

One of the most iconic Egyptian pastry shops, Nola never sleeps on dessert creations, especially when it comes to Ramadan. This year, they’ve prepared a Kunafa Shell and a Baklava Burger! The Baklava Burger comes in two flavours, mango and Cadbury chocolate. The burger is a layer of kunafa, with chocolate or mango cream in the middle and a baklava bun on top. 

Creme Brulee Umm Ali 

While it’s quite eccentric, this dessert combines the best of both worlds into one; a creme brulee Umm Ali! The dish is harmonious in that Umm Ali is an already creamy dish, so the creme brulee compliments it. Sedra makes a delicious version with their traditional Umm Ali recipe topped with custard cream and caramelised sugar; it’s a must-try!

Cheesecake Baklava

Another wondrous Ramadan creation, Coppermelt introduces a Cheesecake Baklava! If you’re one of those people who worship cheesecakes and would hate to miss such a dessert in Ramadan, Coppermelt just saved the day. Instead of the graham cracker crust, the dessert consists of the cream cheese layer topped with a thick, crunchy baklava layer. 

Crunchy Kunafa 

If there’s a way where you can have Kunafa in the most unorthodox form possible, we’d probably push this creation to the top of the list. Browndee, Maadi’s famous fudgy brownies spot, has introduced a chocolate bar-like creation shaped like a crescent. The dessert is a kunafa topped with melted Cadbury and Nutella chocolates that give the entire bar a crunchy exterior. 

Basbousa Volcano 

You’ve heard about Kunafa Volcano, which mimics the volcano cake or chocolate fondant cake, but have you heard of the Basbousa Volcano creation that Eden Bakery blessed us with? Shaped like a traditional volcano cake, Basbousa Volcano oozes chocolate or pistachio cream as you cut it down the middle.


Striking again this year with another mouth-watering dessert creation, TBS was inspired by the Latin American dessert, Tres Leches and made it into a Ramadan one! A vanilla sponge cake soaked in three types of milk and topped with TBS’s milk and white chocolate kunafa croquants! It comes in three flavours; lotus, Nutella, and date. 

Amar El Deen Charlotte Cake 

Charlotte cake, but make it extra Ramadan-y! A charlotte cake is the elite of sponge cakes. It is essentially layers of sponge cake and cream, cornered with ladyfingers and topped with fruit or whatever flavour of choice. Mielpastries introduces an Amar El Deen flavoured charlotte cake. It’s a must-try this Ramadan! 

Strawberry Hibiscus Pavlova 

While one doesn’t normally have a pavlova in Ramadan, hardly even for dessert in non-Ramadan months, Mielpastries has a Ramadan themed pavlova. Since Ramadan is during spring this year and strawberries are still in season, it’s a Strawberry Hibiscus Pavlova! 

Pina Colada Turkish Basbousa

On the topic of unique Ramadan desserts, Voila has a Pina Colada Turkish Basbousa! A traditional Turkish basbousa with coconut, fresh cream and pineapples, which is then topped with roasted pineapples; perfectly refreshing for the weather of the coming weeks.