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Ramadan Dining Decoded: Your Ultimate Ramadan Buffet Guide

Authentic Iftar and Sohour Iftar Ramadan Restaurants
Ramadan Dining Decoded: Your Ultimate Ramadan Buffet Guide
written by
Malak Gharib
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Some view eating out during Ramadan as a risky sport, with concerns about the quantity and quality of the food offered, but we have you covered with the ultimate buffet guide. Here are nine restaurants with exceptional open buffets that cater to each and every taste.


Sedra Restaurant

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Sedra’s open buffet is perfectly curated at EGP 875 (VAT and service included) to satisfy all your Ramadan cravings. With constant refills, the food is always fresh and warm. Sedra also features a suhoor buffet that includes all the Egyptian classic favourites.



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Merging Western and Middle Eastern flavours, Bosco features an array of Western main courses and various Middle Eastern appetisers. Between vine leaves and mombar, all the way to chicken lemon sauce, Bosco has something to satisfy each palate at EGP 820.



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Featuring a mouthwatering Middle Eastern buffet, Ayadina presents its top sellers this Ramadan for iftar at EGP 850. The star of the show is its succulent shrimp fattah, which is highly recommended by the staff.



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Presenting Lebanese delights at EGP 800, Tamara’s buffet is a dream come true for all devotees of Lebanese culinary traditions. Between cold mezze, grilled meat, and delightful Ramadan drinks, Tamara should be your go-to for the next iftar out.



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For all the Asian fusion enthusiasts, Nuwa has got you covered! With an array of spring rolls to choose from and a variety of beloved main dishes like chicken sweet & sour and Mongolian beef, Nuwa’s buffet is an Asian food haven. Sushi is also featured within the buffet as a second option, with 16 pieces, ensuring that all sushi enthusiasts are included. Whether you’re team Asian delights or team sushi fiesta, the buffet is all-inclusive at EGP 880.



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Manifest your Turkish dreams at one of Bosporus’ many branches around the capital. Featuring an array of grilled meats and delicious Turkish appetisers and desserts, the Bosporus buffet is a culinary experience not to miss out on. At EGP 1200, it’s all-inclusive, so indulge in authentic Turkish delicacies for your next family, iftar.


Mori Sushi

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Mori Sushi has made dreams a reality for all sushi lovers searching for the perfect offer to host their sushi fiesta for iftar. With raw and fried rolls and an array of spring rolls to choose from as appetisers, Mori Sushi has got you covered. The buffet guarantees an unlimited amount of rolls priced at EGP 590, which is all-inclusive. Mori Sushi has several branches around the capital and Alexandria, where you can also find this offer.



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Known for its recent all-you-can-eat pizza offer, Ted’s is back for Ramadan with a mouthwatering buffet at EGP 530 that is all-inclusive. Featuring some of its widely recognised dishes, such as brisket, beef stroganoff, and chicken lemon sauce, the buffet offers a well-rounded culinary experience.



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At EGP 1120 and all-inclusive, Garten offers a delightful buffet that blends Eastern and Western flavours. While it features all our authentic favourites, from Middle Eastern appetisers to Western main dishes, Garten’s open buffet has garnered widespread recognition and positive reviews, particularly for its salads. From leafy greens to tantalising toppings, the buffet’s salad bar is a standout.


Grand Nile Towers – International Open Buffet at Marquise Boat.

Experience the exceptional open buffet of iftar aboard the Marquise Boat, celebrating the essence of Ramadan. Guests are invited to savour an unforgettable iftar amidst the serene ambience of the majestic Nile. For reservations, contact +201153388874 or +20223651234 or via WhatsApp at +201050551555.


Fairmont Nile City – L’Uliveto Iftar Buffet

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Ramadan with Fairmont Nile City’s lavish iftar buffet at L’Uliveto. Relish a culinary journey that seamlessly blends tradition and luxury, featuring an array of delectable savoury dishes and irresistible sweets crafted with flair. Gather your loved ones for a regal dining experience amidst L’Uliveto’s refined ambience. For reservations and further details, reach out to +20 120 888 8687.


Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo – Iftar Buffet at Culina

During Ramadan, Culina offers a special open buffet for iftar. The buffet presents an array of mouthwatering options, from savoury to sweet dishes, including Mediterranean and Western plates, all impeccably cooked.


Four Seasons First Residence – La Gourmandise Iftar buffet

Savouring French cuisine, La Gourmandise is a French brassiere located in the Four Seasons First Residence hotel. This Ramadan, the restaurant features an exceptional buffet that integrates Western favourites with traditional Arabic twists in a delightful and perfectly balanced experience.


Four Seasons First Residence – Zoe Restaurant

Featuring both an iftar and suhoor buffet, Zoe restaurant offers an array of Ramadan specialities that warm the heart. With a nostalgia-igniting palate of flavours, Zoe Restaurant offers an appetising experience you can enjoy with your loved ones.


The Westin – Iftar Buffet at Paloma

Manifest your Mediterranean dreams at Paloma’s open buffet this Ramadan. Featuring an array of Mediterranean flavours, Paloma takes their guests on a voyage featuring exceptional flavours and immaculate Ramadan vibes. Indulge in a well-rounded culinary journey, and immerse yourself in the ambience for an experience beyond delightful.


Four Seasons Nile Plaza – Zitouni Restaurant Iftar Buffet

Embark on a journey of indulgence at Zitouni, where you’ll find an Egyptian open buffet reminiscent of a cosy morning at our grandmother’s house. Featuring all the beloved classic favourites, enjoy the authentic “Ramadan f Masr” experience with the buffet overlooking the Nile.


Four Seasons Nile Plaza – Byblos Iftar and Sohour Buffet

Embark on a culinary journey to Beirut with Byblos’ iftar and sohour buffet, where the essence of Ramadan in Cairo meets the enchanting gastronomic delights of Beirut. Indulge in a unique fusion of flavours and vibes, creating an immaculate Ramadan experience that transcends expectations. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary culinary adventure.


Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski – The State Restaurant Iftar

Indulge in culinary masterpieces curated by the incredible team at the State Restaurant at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel’s daily iftar open buffet. for a price of 1225 EGP, the offer is all-inclusive, taking you on an enchanting gastronomic journey this holy month.