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Ramadan Just Got a Whole Lot Better Thanks to Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

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Ramadan Just Got a Whole Lot Better Thanks to Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski
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Cairo 360

New Cairo’s Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski is getting all prepared for the Holy Month, offering an exceptional Ramadan experience, where luxury and gourmet food meet great entertainment. Following the success of last year, the hotel’s famous Ramadan tent, Bab Al Qasr, makes a return on May the 18th, with an exquisite poolside setting that boasts a colourfully luxurious Oriental theme.

Bab Al Qasr tent welcomes one and all for a daily Sohour, with various Oriental savoury and sweet options which match the enchanting background tunes played by the Oriental Takht on weekdays. As for the weekends, the tent is set to see special performances, by some of Egypt’s best stars, including Poussy and El Leithy -who’ll take to the stage on the opening night- in addition to all-time favourites like Massar Egbari and Mahmoud El Esseily.

Now, because Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski knows how to cater to every guest, no matter what his or her taste, the hotel will also be home to a very special Gaming & Entertainment Lounge. Yes, you read that right! While one does not typically think of Gaming Nights, when Ramadan is mentioned, leave it to the folks at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski to push the creativity envelope. Our sources tells us that Sony PlayStation and Virgin Megastore are collaborating with the hotel to ensure that Ramadan remains special, even for those who might not be into watching the typical Ramadan TV shows.

For Iftar, Bab Al Qasr, the restaurant, serves a spectrum of traditional Egyptian and Middle Eastern items daily, while The State hosts an Iftar buffet that comprises of various international sweet and savoury dishes.

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski is also perfectly prepared to cater private gatherings (from a minimum of 75 guests), offering a wide range of culinary choices which cater to all tastes.

For more information and reservation, call 0109-7111-151 for more information check out their Facebook page