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Sabaya’s Chef Baz Serves Lebanese Culinary Tradition to Your Table at InterContinental Semiramis

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Sabaya’s Chef Baz Serves Lebanese Culinary Tradition to Your Table at InterContinental Semiramis
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Cairo 360

Amid a sea of tastes and flavours that Cairo’s restaurant’s offer comes Lebanese cuisine; an all-time favourite to many. While a myriad of venues around the city label themselves as Lebanese, only a few truly translate the essence of the renowned cuisine.

InterContinental Semiramis’ Sabaya happens to be one of the few that bring the culinary legacy of Lebanon to the table, thanks to its very own Lebanese chef, Walid Baz. Growing up in a small town called Baadaran, where people feasted by the river Damour, Chef Baz learned many traditional culinary techniques, including mincing humus by hand, and stone grilling.

But his passion for cooking started to take shape in his family kitchen, where he closely watched his mother preparing tajines, tucking marinated chicken under the charcoal as his grandmother baked fresh bread in the old oven.

Surprised as they were to find their young boy curious about cooking, they, nevertheless, let him do some simple tasks around the kitchen. In the hope of getting rid of him, his mother would make him wash onions, or rinse the vegetable stuffing for vine leaves.

 But little did she know then that the boy would grow up to share the legacy with the world in one of Cairo’s best restaurants, Sabaya; offering a 160-dish menu that boasts the very same dishes that are served in his village, using the same techniques, in addition to a round of innovative creations that have his own signature.

“I make real Lebanese food that we’ve been making for hundreds of years, and that I know from my mother and grandmother”, Baz says. “I serve the traditional Lebanese food that everybody likes.”

According to Chef Baz, an authentic Lebanese experience starts with fresh, authentic ingredients that come from his homeland – including tahini and olive oil – and ends with the traditional way of savouring the outcome; starting the meal with a plate of fresh vegetables, which diners cut themselves, and season it with salt or olive oil to their liking.

When Chef Baz is away, his army of 12 talented chefs take over to keep the consistent quality their master offers, preparing authentic flavours that will satisfy every Lebanese-cuisine lover.

Sabaya is open daily for lunch and dinner from 1 PM to 1 AM. For reservations, feel free to call +2027988188, or click on this link.