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Santoku: Cairo’s Latest Culinary Offering at Helnan Landmark New Cairo

Santoku: Cairo’s Latest Culinary Offering at Helnan Landmark New Cairo
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Images via Santoku


Cairo never ceases to fascinate us with its endless culinary choices. And the best part is that no matter where you are on the city’s vast map, you’ll always find a place or two that will cater to your gastronomic whim.

This time around, Cairo’s latest offering comes in the form of a restaurant at Helnan Landmark New Cairo, which goes by the name Santoku. In case you are wondering what the word means, Santoku is a general-purpose kitchen knife that originated in Japan.


Now that you know where the name comes from, you’ve probably gathered that you can look forward to a Japanese culinary journey that involves the all-time favourite Japanese classics like sushi and Teppanyaki, a host of the American Angus meat grills, in addition to a list of mouthwatering items on the menu.

Savour a wide selection of reasonably-priced delights, served by Helnan’s excellent hospitality team amid a chic contemporary setting that comes with a relaxing view of the pool and gardens. Santoku also offers an array of cocktails and drinks that make the perfect finale to a scrumptious feast.

Helnan Landmark New Cairo’s Santoku celebrates the opening with an all-you-can-sushi special for only 295LE, including service and taxes. Now that’s a treat for all sushi lovers in town, especially New Cairo residents, as Santoku is located in the centre of the 5th settlement’s commercial zone.

It also makes it a perfect spot for a fancy lunch break and meetings because Santoku has a direct entrance on Road 54, North 90th Road, right next to the Banks Zone with valet service and a parking lot that’s just 10 metres from the restaurant.

When the weekends arrive, Santoku knows how to entertain, hosting various theme parties; fun times meet delicious food and 5-star hospitality.

Now that you know all about Santoku, next time you in the mood for sushi, you know where to go.

For more information and reservations call 01212669999.