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Satisfy All Your Guilty Pleasures at Cairo’s Best Fast Food Spots
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Cairo 360

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Fast food has a bad reputation in the food industry, and honestly, why wouldn’t it? We’re not here to say it’s healthy, and we’re not here to say it’s the most nutritious, but when it comes to guilty pleasures, very few spots do it better than this upcoming list.

Lord of the Wings

A play on words that actually means what it says, Lord of the Wings is certainly one of the top spots in Cairo when it comes to serving wings, it gives you tons of options for sauces on perfectly cooked chicken wings, whether grilled or fried. Get ready for big portions and a lot of flavours, LOTW also serves appetisers, burgers, and other dishes.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

They heard LOTW’s claim to the best wings in town, and thought they’d pose a challenge. Buffalo Wings & Rings is one of the best sports bars in town, serving up a host of comfort finger food from wings and fries, to burgers and nachos. Everything that you’d imagine works well as finger food for a sports game is here, is generous in portions, and is big in flavours.

Kansas Fried Chicken

When it comes to fried chicken pieces, KFC is the first restaurant that comes to mind, but another KFC is here, one from Kansas not Kentucky. We know that appetisers, fries, and sandwiches are not KFC’s forte, which is why it was easy for Kansas to take the lead here, but fried chicken pieces is where it’s at. To some, Kansas will be better and fresher, not to mention cheaper, while others will still prefer the original taste of KFC, in all cases, fans of chicken must try this restaurant.

Stacked – The Club Sandwich Deli

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, Stacked rocked Zamalek with their creative approach towards classic club sandwiches. You get your choice of bread and toppings through a wide range of selections on their menu. Their ingredients are fresh and tasty, and their potato chips are a solid side dish. Stacked is a go-to spot when it comes to delicious fast food that’s light on the stomach.


Located in different spots around Cairo, Yokal set itself as one of the best restaurants for Kebda & Sogo’ in Cairo. Everything is immaculately thought of, whether it’s the decoration, ironic wall posters, menu wording, and of course, the fries and sandwiches. They serve a limited number of options, you can get Kebda, Kofta, Sogo’, and Lux Sogo’ sandwiches, plus an Eggs + Pasterma sandwich for breakfast, and a Sakalns Sandwich for dessert. Go for 3 if you’re slightly hungry, and more if you’re really starving.

Chicken Fil-A

Meat lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to burgers, but chicken lovers get somewhat ripped off. Well, this changed when Chicken Fil-A was introduced to the Cairo food scene. Fast food at reasonable prices, yet still not compromising on quality and taste. These loaded, cheesy sandwiches are to die for, and they have more subtle options if you don’t like a plethora of flavours.

Zack’s Fried Chicken

Sheikh Zayed’s hot spot when it comes to affordable chicken sandwiches. Prices are better than Chicken Fil-A, and quality is pretty close, some would even say better. Zack’s has a good amount of choices for chicken sandwiches, as well as some appetisers, pastas, and a chicken plate topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Dirty Byrd

Yet another chicken burger specialist hits Cairo, but this time on the other side of town in Heliopolis. Dirty Byrd puts itself as the premium spot in the three, with excellent quality and stunning tastes. Slightly on the more expensive side, Dirty Byrd makes a very strong claim to the best chicken burgers in town, they’ve got all the details down to perfection, from the sides to the mains, choices are diverse, taste is impeccable.