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Seyamy Delights Across The Capital: Where to Dine This Year

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Seyamy Delights Across The Capital: Where to Dine This Year
written by
Malak Gharib

This year, Christians and Muslims in Egypt alike are fasting, making the festive atmosphere enchanting. We have compiled a list of restaurants offering seyamy and vegan-friendly food where the entire friend group can gather for meals that will accommodate and delight everyone.


Vegan In Our House

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Located in Maadi, Vegan In Our House offers plenty of delightful seyamy meals. With a heartwarming outdoor terrace and roof, the location is ideal for enjoying Ramadan festivities under the stars with your friends. The menu features an array of options and cuisines, including vegan pizza, veggie lasagna, and mouthwatering noodles. 




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Known for its delicious vegan burger, Eatery features plenty of vegan options in addition to its non-vegan offerings, allowing each person to indulge in a meal that accommodates their fast and is delicious on the palate. With two branches in New Cairo’s Cairo Festival City and Sheikh Zayed’s Capital Business Park, there is always a nearby Eatery to dine in.


Osana Family Wellness

If you’re looking to grab dinner and indulge in a filling and delicious meal, Osana Family Wellness café is the spot for you. With various healthy meals and vegan and vegetarian options, Osana is a haven for all those fasting. With replacements such as tofu, avocado, vegan nuggets, and dairy-free vegan dipping sauces, Osana breaks all traditional views of seyamy food and delivers a well-rounded culinary experience. 


El Torr

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Nestled in Garden 8 Mall, El Torr offers a culinary haven with a twist, with Seyamy options at the top of their menu! From mouthwatering ful and vegan hawawshi to tantalising sandwiches and burgers, every dish is a testament to flavour and compassion. Dive into lentil soup or savour traditional favourites like ta’amiya and koshari, all vegan by default. Plus, gluten-free options like ful and ta’amiya sans-bread ensure everyone can indulge. El Torr also offer a range of frozen food that you can pick up on the go and enjoy from the comfort of your home. 


Pizza Party

With a dedicated Seyamy pizza on their menu, Pizza Party ensures you can enjoy a delicious pizza experience without compromising your fast. Delight in the flavours of their Seyamy pizza as you gather with friends and family for a memorable feast. Make Pizza Party your go-to destination for a satisfying and guilt-free Seyamy pizza night this Ramadan.