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Shogun Restaurant Appoints Chef Joe Tomoyuki as Chef De Cuisine

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Shogun Restaurant Appoints Chef Joe Tomoyuki as Chef De Cuisine
written by
Rawya Lamei

Loved by Cairenes for its incredible flavours, fantastic ambience, and authenticity, Shogun Japanese restaurant in InterContinental Cairo Citystars welcomes Chef Joe Tomoyuki to its team as Chef De Cuisine. With 25 years of culinary experience between Japan, the United States, and the UAE, Chef Tomoyuki is a master at his craft and has spent his time in the iconic Tokyo-based Restaurant, Gonpachi in Dubai, honing his supervisory skills.

Chef Tomoyuki is committed to the idea that food should bring ultimate joy to customers and bring people together at the dinner table. For this reason, he is dedicated to introducing people to brand new dishes through great creativity in the kitchen. His unique cooking style is defined by his commitment to preserving authentic Japanese flavours and combining them beautifully with Western cuisine, making for the perfect mix of traditional and modern and of East and West.

It comes as no surprise that Chef Tomoyuki is the absolute best addition to the team at Shogun, as he will play a major role throughout the upcoming months in updating the restaurant’s menu. As per his usual culinary style, he is set to work on combining authentic Japanese flavours with a hint of international so as to transport guests into a whole new world of divine sensory experiences.

With his experience in some of the world’s greatest upscale restaurants, having gone East, West, and in between, Chef Tomoyki’s unique exposure and perspective are set to elevate the experience at Shogun, which is already second to none, to something that is sure to create a buzz around the restaurant’s creativity and outstanding quality.