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Six Oriental Restaurants That Will Give Home Cooks a Run for Their Money
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    Cairo 360

    A lot of people may not approve of eating “oriental” food at a restaurant, because they believe that home-cooked meals are just always better when it comes to this category. No offence to home cooks, but that’s not always the case. Besides, sometimes you just want to pamper yourself with a big meal, without having to go through the trouble of cooking it yourself. Today, we are bringing you Cairo’s best oriental restaurants: 

    Bab El Sharq

    Located in the Nile Ritz-Carlton, this restaurant’s sheer class is in no doubt. Besides the deliciousness of their traditional oriental food, you can find unique dishes such as lobster-stuffed pigeons.


    Gorgeous decorations and traditional Egyptian food that will make you feel right at home. While dishes are not short of twists, they’re quite subtle and excellently executed.

    Le Tarbouche

    Le Pacha 1901 in Zamalek is home to a number of restaurants, but one of them definitely stands out, Le Tarbouche. The food is amazing, the decoration is beautiful, and the view is absolutely stunning.


    This place is an absolute go-to for traditional Egyptian sandwiches or fetir. We have to warn you though, for Egyptian street food, it is a bit on the price side. 

    Enab Beirut

    Not many Lebanese restaurants manage to capture the true essence of the cuisine, but Enab Beirut is definitely in the top percentile. The Tivoli Dome restaurant is home to delicious dishes and flavourful desserts. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    Lebanese Diner

    While most Lebanese restaurants try to go full-on authentic, Lebanese Diner strives to put a twist on it. It focuses a bit more on Lebanese street food which is a much needed refreshment.