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Spicy, Creamy, and Delicious: The Best Indian Restaurants in Town

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Spicy, Creamy, and Delicious: The Best Indian Restaurants in Town
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    Featured image via Indira


    Indian cuisine gets a bad rep for being too spicy, and while some dishes deserve such a reputation, others are quite the opposite. Indian cuisine is filled with many dishes that offer a creamy, delicious, and flavourful experience that is worth venturing out for. So, if you’re not so sure where to have the best Indian dishes in town, don’t worry, we’re presenting you with a list of the best Indian restaurants Cairo has to offer.


    Perhaps the best Indian restaurant chain in town, Maharaja is everywhere, but beware of copycats. Their ambience is perfect for a casual meal with friends, treading the line between comfort and class without being overly elegant. We loved their butter chicken and the chicken korma, and you simply cannot miss finishing your meal with their Coconut Ice-Cream, served in an actual coconut.

    Karvin Massala

    This New Cairo restaurant is a quiet and elegant place that could perfectly for a date or a nice dinner out with loved ones. The service is excellent, and they have two menus. One is filled with authentic Indian plates, while the other has all the international dishes you find at most restaurants, giving visitors an option to play it safe. They have a diverse selection of drinks, and an entire section for vegetarian dishes. But what about the food? It is definitely one of the best in town, we thoroughly enjoyed their taste and have had an utterly pleasant experience at Karvin Massala.


    Our visit to this restaurant was far more enjoyable than most of our visits to other spots in Cairo. Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah can be proud to have such a restaurant in their establishment. The restaurant is stunning, with decorations and a panoramic Nile view that will take your breath away. They have authentic Indian dishes that you may not find in many other restaurants, and everything just tasted brilliant. We’re kind of annoyed that we’re not actually there right now!


    This modest Indian restaurant takes its spot in Maadi and offers all the dishes you’d expect from an authentic Indian restaurant. Surprise, however, comes when your food is served traditional clay pots. After all, presentation is everything. You’ll definitely enjoy trying out different dishes at Maharani, especially with their relatively reasonable pricing, and the taste is elevated by their magnificent sauces. If you’re a local, you can enjoy their Indian delicacies at home via their delivery option.


    Situated in Holiday Inn Cairo Citystars Hotel, they offer an elegant restaurant experience, along with delicious and home-like food. Their dark shades of burgundy and frosted glass work perfectly with the subtle ornate elephants and Indian-style tapestries that adorn the restaurant. The service is fantastic, and the dishes are exquisite. Most of their appetisers are not like the usual heavy Indian dishes so you won’t feel any guilt after a meal at Indira.