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The Allure of Fresh Pasta: 6 Places That Make Homemade Pasta From Scratch

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The Allure of Fresh Pasta: 6 Places That Make Homemade Pasta From Scratch
written by
Nelly Ezz

Via Jovialfoods

At its core, pasta is a simple food item, comprising just a few staple ingredients that can be prepared and shaped in various ways. Its simplicity has led to an enormous sub-culture of food, with hundreds of different pasta dishes from all around the world. Fresh pasta is prepared from flour, egg, and water. Once the dough is ready, it is then kneaded and shaped into the pasta shapes we know and love. Dried pasta, on the other hand, is made from semolina flour, salt, and water. There’s no egg in dried pasta recipes, which is why it can last much longer than fresh pasta. So, is fresh pasta much better than regular store-bought pasta? You can be the judge of that – try these places around Cairo that excel in making homemade pasta. 

Sapori Di Carlo

Italian flavours at their best are served at Zamalek’s Sapori Di Carlo. Combining elements of traditional Italian cooking with a cosy, intimate atmosphere, Sapori is a must-try restaurant around the Zamalek area. You can opt to try their selection of homemade pasta, or their famous Neapolitan-style pizza whenever you’re in the area. 


Everyone’s favourite food hub and cooking school make their pasta from scratch alongside other specialty items like Ravioli and Lasagna. You can try their array of freshly-made pasta dishes in any of their branches; Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, and Northcoast. 


Well-known for being a foodie’s dream come true, Mista has opened its doors welcoming all its guests with a varied menu that’s out of this world. From salads and viennoiserie to tartines and burgers, Mista has something for everyone. Their fantastic menu has many specialty items, one of which is pasta – particularly homemade. Visit them next time you’re at Mall of Arabia near gates 15 and 17. 


If you’re feeling like splurging, then Lexie’s is the one for you. Lexie’s offers great ambience, impeccable service and a lavish menu. Their drinks and menu selection is particularly intriguing and tasty. Located in Lakehouse, New Cairo, Lexie’s captures the traditional Italian spirit in an elevated and fancy manner. You can call 0128 581 8590 for reservations. 


This pasta truck concept created quite the buzz when it decided to offer fresh pasta. Can you think of something better than a big bowl of hot fresh pasta on-the-go? Macaronita has outdone itself with its array of fresh pasta dishes, from pesto to seafood and everything in between – Macaronita is definitely one for the books. 


Zed Park’s famous restaurant also has its own homemade pasta dishes, and we are all for it. Italiano has quite the selection of Italian specialities alongside a unique atmosphere overlooking the Ferris wheel and horizon. You can grab a bite and enjoy the impeccable view and elevated Italian flavours.