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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Healthy Dining Award Winners

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Healthy Dining Award Winners
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Only a few years ago, eating healthy in Cairo was near impossible – or, more accurately, eating healthy and enjoying it was near impossible. But a wave of healthy living not only increased Cairenes awareness of their own bodies in terms of excercise, but also the number of healthy dining restaurants in a city that loves junk food.

And while healthy food has a reputation for being a little less than palatable, the heroes enlisted in this category have managed to do the impossible; offering healthy meals that don’t require the mental game of reasoning your taste buds to enjoy.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards in the Healthy Dining category!

Be Good to You

After his successful attempt to shake the bodies of many couch potatoes around Cairo with his fun-packed fitness project Befit, fitness guru, Ali Mazhar, has given us another reason to take good care of our bodies with Be Good to You; a restaurant that offers a variety of guilt-free and delicious choices – plus a number of gluten-free options as well.


Green Habits

Healthy food is good for your body and everything, however, it’s renowned for not being the most filling. Knowing that size actually matters, Green Habits, in Maadi, is famous for serving gigantic-portioned salads that are also big on taste.


While many healthy food restaurants settle with offering salads and juices only, Inseason, in Zamalek, takes it up another notch by also serving a wide variety of detox cocktails, which can save those who take their diet seriously the hassle of making their weekly stack.


What makes the Dubai-based chain, Kcal, stands out among the crowd of emerging restaurants of the same caliber is the wide range of dishes offered on the menu. Not only juices and salads, Kcal also brings what we never thought we’d unapologetically enjoy while we were on a diet; Honey Mustard Chicken Burger.



Having opened in 2012 as a juice shop, Zamalek’s  Lychee has won multiple Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards. This year, however, their award is deserved on multiple fronts, having launched a range of healthy, flavoursome food items that can be enjoyed with their already acclaimed variety of protein-packed juices.  

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