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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Specialist ‎Cuisine Award Winners ‎

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Specialist ‎Cuisine Award Winners ‎
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Cairo prides itself with having a variety of restaurants, which cuisines from all across the globe; but still, one can’t help but feel like we’re still missing out a little bit – that there are so many other exquisite cuisines that Cairo needs to explore more.

In the Specialist ‎Cuisine ‎category of the Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards, we celebrate the success of the select few places that have wandered off the beaten track to draw our culinary attention to a whole new range of tastes and flavours. 

Dos Cañas (Spanish Cuisine)

While it is one of the pricier places in town, there are oh so many reasons to crown Cairo Capital Club’s Dos Cañas as one of our favourite spots; from the on-point Spanish delicacies and delicious cocktails, to the effortlessly classy ambience and stunning Nile view, this is a taperia that provides on all fronts.

The Greek (Mediterranean Cuisine)

One of the very few places in Cairo that offers the inexplicably-neglected Greek cuisine, Maadi’s The Greek, has a menu filled with staple dishes that are essential for those who are looking for an authentic taste of Greece – and their gyro is near-legendary.

Gringo’s (Latin American Cuisine)

Although Cairo 360 reviewers had several hit & miss experiences with Gringo’s when it used to be a delivery-only kitchen, the opening of a full-blown restaurant in Maadi changed everything and proved what even those that were disappointed by it in the past – that’s it one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city.

Kayan Kitchen (Gourmet Sandwiches)

In a fast-paced city that lures the hungry into opting for fast food, sandwiches urban hero, Kayan Kitchen, offers a variety of flawless sandwiches made with fresh ingredients that can be a delicious alternative to greasy fast food.


Osmanly (Turkish Cuisine)

Although there are Turkish-inspired dishes in Egyptian cuisine, they’re still rather far off the originals. At Kempinski Nile Hotel’s Osmanly, you get exactly that, wrapped up in five-star setting.

Ovio (European Cuisine)

While many restaurants in Cairo struggle with consistency, there are few places that not only manage to keep a steady quality, but also step up the game and branch out; Ovio happens to be of the latter, offering some of the most refined European dishes in Cairo. 

Little Ovio (European Cuisine)

Just when we thought we could get rid of our addiction to Ovio, its owners plotted another scheme to get us hooked, but this time with Little Ovio; a new concept that takes the same approach to freshness and quality of ingredients and creates excellent sandwiches, bagels, desserts and more.


Tabla Luna (Latin American Cuisine)

With an energetic and fun atmosphere that catches a casual essence of Latin American culture, Tabla Luna presents the region’s diverse culinary arts with a unique panache for one of the most unique dining experience you can find in Cairo.






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