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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best American Cuisine Restaurants in Cairo

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best American Cuisine Restaurants in Cairo
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J.R.R. Tolkein, creator and author of the Lord of the Rings, once said, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” Well, we couldn’t agree more, especially about food, as American cuisine has definitely proved its “merry” effect on people for the past decades. Let’s review some restaurants, right here in Cairo, that prove our theory.

Fat Cow

“The Swiss”, “Honky Tonk”, “Shrimp Burger”, and “Sliders”: These are just a few of the many enticing burgers that you will come across in Fat Cow’s burger-filled menu. If you’re too blindsided by the numerous options and descriptions, you could always jump to the “Build your own burger” section. Just be sure to try its fancy ingredients, including the provolone cheese, pepper jack cheese, and tartar sauce. 


In 2007, Lucille’s was featured in an article in Time magazine entitled, “The World’s Best Hamburger is in Egypt”. Scott Macleod, the author of the article, described the place as”A family restaurant in Egypt that dishes up the best burger I’ve ever eaten”. He went on to talk about “a fluffy, sweet, and slightly toasted bun leads the taste buds to a slab of juicy ground beef that is a little crunchy on the outside where the meat was seared on the grill”. What more could we possibly add?

Butcher’s Burgers

Let’s start by emphasising that you can easily get hooked on the starters section alone. The restaurant’s Buffalo Wings and Mac ‘N’ Cheese are marked as “addictive” online. If you’re really famished, you can skip the “common” single burgers on the menu and jump straight to the towering double or super-size sandwiches. Also, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could always try the 1 kg “Mighty Bastard” in all its mighty glory.     

Dirty Byrd

We’ll begin by saying that the brand name and logo are quite intriguing; definitely not something that we’ve heard or seen before. The restaurant’s menu might be somewhat brief, but the pages certainly have multiple delicious flavours, including Cajun fried chicken, glazed Buffalo wings, “dirty” fries, and other tasty meals. 

Lucca Steakhouse

Lucca Steakhouse is probably the only restaurant that stands out in our American Cuisine list. Apart from the fact that it is the only one with the word “steak” in its title, which explains its numerous delicious steak-related dishes, it also has the most diverse menu. Starting with soups, hot & cold appetisers, and salads, to steaks, burgers, and pasta, you name it!   

Food Gun

It is the typical portrayal of a fictional burger haven with an endless list of patty-filled delicacies accompanied with a side of fries, onion rings, strips, and wings. We can’t say that we are 100% sure, but based on a cursory glance, you will probably find any burger you desire, both chicken and meat-based, whether it’s cheesy loaded, spicy, smoky, or grilled.

Chicken & Ribs

Despite the word “Chicken” in the title, it is not the only protein on the menu. Chicken & Ribs also provides crispy fried shrimps with its secret boom bang sauce. The Shrimp Po’boy is also an option. Turkey wings and legs make their way to list with their fellow appetising chicken meals alongside pasta, soup, and side dishes.   

Willy’s Kitchen

Without a doubt, one of the most trending and popular burger restaurants in Cairo has a strong edge to compete for the best burger in Egypt, in our own modest opinion. Just be sure to prepare an intense workout before eating, to burn off all the calories that you will gain. We simply can’t single out a certain dish, because they’re all too scrumptious. All we’ll say is that Willy’s Kitchen is a must-try!