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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best International Restaurants in Cairo

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best International Restaurants in Cairo
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Cairo 360

We know it’s a long, long list of winners, so let us cut it short, and see which international restaurants have earned themselves a prize.


We always like to start off our listicles strong, so we chose Crave for our first item in this listicle. A restaurant that started out small and soon expanded to have seven branches across Cairo and October City. Crave offers a wide range of delicious items that are all worth trying out, be it be soups, salads, pastas, risottos, pizzas, or the mains – all are equally delicious.


The Nile Ritz-Carlton is known for its many restaurants, featuring international cuisines from all over the globe. Whether your preference is an open buffet or a la carte, all your favorite dishes are available at Culina, including spice-infused Biryani, proteins off the grill, gourmet burgers, a pasta corner, and of course the traditional oriental dishes. And that’s just a brief of the main course section, we haven’t even begun to describe the delicacies for breakfast.


Though it has only one branch in Maadi, Kazlak has certainly left a strong and memorable impression with the Cairo 360 employees.The food is almost always cooked to perfection, and that is no exaggeration. The appetizers, dishes of either chicken or meat, and even the French fries on their own are exquisite in taste! No matter where you are on the Cairo map, you have to pay a visit to Kazlak at your earliest convenience and enjoy a truly unique experience.

Mo Bistro

The definition of a Bistro is that it’s a small, inexpensive restaurant. Basically, it combines between two essential components for any customer or food fanatic: cosiness and reasonable prices. However, food quality is a third and vital element that we will discuss momentarily to focus on the international aspect of it all. Some of the dishes at Mo Bistro include South African Beef Fillet Moroccan (two in one), Australian Lamb Shank, and other fancy plates, covering an exotic explosion of flavors.   


For those who don’t know, crimson is a rich deep red color inclining to purple. Some people associate this shade with power and importance. So, it’s quite the positive indication before we even start our review. Located in the picturesque Zamalek, the Crimson’s Bar & Grill features a lot of plates off the grill. Not only that, the cold and hot appetizers are amazing, including some dishes that we still plan to taste, such as Homemade Nachos, Sea Bass Carpaccio, Crab Cakes, and Grilled Octopus. What are you waiting for? 


Whether you’re going to Ted’s for breakfast or lunch, the classy and soothing atmosphere truly keeps your mind at ease while you wait for the food in anticipation. The unique aspect about it is that it offers complex combinations of tastes and sensations in a very simple and appealing presentation. Be sure to remember to try the desserts, because you will regret it if you don’t. Long story short, Ted’s is class and simplicity at its finest! 

The Smokery

International experience anyone? We start with the European hors d’oeuvres that comprise of some names that are too mouthwatering to mention, some signature sushi platters for all our Japanese cuisine lovers out there,and a collection of Les Pates, Les Viandes, Les Poissons, and a concluding night of dining with les Gourmandises. We didn’t even bother translating the names, because, let us be real, it’s all about the taste.

U Bistro & Bar

Have you ever tasted apple chutney, plum puree, or crispy ginger bread? Have you ever tried all of them combined in one dish? Same concept for other exotic ingredients, such as beetroot cured salmon and dill crème fraiche. Well, we’re here to tell you that U Bistro & Bar serves them all and that’s just in the starters section. If you skim down through the Simply Grill or list of sauces, then you’re in for a bigger happier surprise.   

JW’s Steakhouse

Marriot Hotel is an international hotel, so it only seems fit that one of its restaurants, JW Steakhouse, serves the same purpose. It has one of the most comprehensive seafood collections, including lobster, salmon, grouper, and shrimps. Vegetarian food is also mixed in the equation with the restaurant’s renowned three mushroom cake. Chef’s Favourite Creations and the Prime Angus Beef are just a few of the many other surprises in store.

Frank & Co

The word we came across often while perusing through the menu was “Nibbles”. It’s not that it has small portions, though some people may think so, it’s because one bite genuinely conveys the essence of the dish in a matter of seconds. And all types of cooking are involved: grilled, baked,  and fried.


The menus are so long that they’ve divided their options into two separate menus: Main & Sushi. For the latter, we’ve got the Nigiri, Uramaki, Sashimi, Omakase, as well as special and hot rolls in the mix. As for the former, it has all the main courses that you can think of, served like no other, in the wonderful district of Heliopolis, while enjoying an authentic Esca experience. 

Good Stuff Eatery

It has a cow standing out in the logo, so that doesn’t leave much room for the imagination to guess its area of expertise. Each part of the meal contributes to the identity of Good Stuff Eater. We start with burgers (chicken-vegetarian-specialty), ice cream floats, and even a Farm House section for the fresh produce, so you can buy some to enjoy the restaurant flavours at home. The food pertains a memorable taste that cannot be missed.

Coco’s Canteen

It’s always nice to come across a place that “mixes and matches”. In other words, combines different tastes, influenced by different cultures, such as naan sandwiches from India, hot dogs from the US, feteer from the Middle East, and other eclectic tastes. It’s hard to master the art of cooking for so many different countries, but Coco’s Canteen pretty much seems to nail it.  

One Oak

You might recognize its logo from its venue at Point 90 Mall, amongst other branches, that really stands out. There’s something about it that just draws you in to dine, and enjoy its service. Similar to its Sushi options, the restaurant has a wide variety of grills, such as Local Prime Beef, Certified Angus Beef, and Special Cuts that encompass several grams of mouthwatering and juicy dishes, ranging from 200, all the way up to 900 gm.