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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: American Cuisine Award Winners

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: American Cuisine Award Winners
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Cairo 360

You can hardly go wrong with a juicy burger, chilly cheese fries, and fried chicken. Over the years, we’ve discovered that there’s so much more to explore in American cuisine. By the time you’re done with this listicle, your stomach might be asking for a good ol’ cheeseburger.

Here are the US-based menus that struck gold with us.


Maadi’s OG burger joint always has us going back for seconds. Whether you’re loading your beef patty with onions, mushrooms, or bacon, it seems like the secret ingredient has always been pure love.

Lucille’s was also named The World’s Best Hamburger by TIME magazine, so it’s not surprising that they have climbed to the top of our list of awarded American restaurants.

Butcher’s Burger

Claimed to be straight from the butcher, the burgers are surely as fresh as a chilly winter breeze by the Nile. The signature lava-like melted cheese, as well as the crunchy chicken breasts drenched in buffalo sauce, won our hearts from the first try. Did we mention the jalapeno hot dogs? Drool-worthy.


The only thing dirty by the end of a comfort food binge at Dirty Byrd is our chin from the juicy fried chicken. Expect onion rings cut to perfection, coupled with homemade cheese sauce and, the star of the show, tender chicken patties resting between two fresh buns during every visit.

Lucca Steakhouse

We couldn’t wander through the top American restaurants without touching on the succulent steaks of Lucca Steakhouse. If you’re on a surf n turf binge, you can sink your teeth into the restaurant’s butter shrimp before adding a Turkish twist on your regular steak extravaganza and ordering the Shashlik.

Chicken & Ribs

With a menu brimming with waffles, corn on the cob, roasted chicken, and smoked ribs, Chicken & Ribs is one of the top American diners in Cairo. For the full experience, make sure to order one of the restaurant’s deliciously fresh smoothies!

Food Gun

We dare you to take a full bite of Food Gun’s Quadro burgers without struggling – not one, not two, not three, but FOUR patties. This one is for the champions!

Buffalo Wings and Rings

Speedy service, giant TV screens, a steady supply of cold beer, and platters on the end of hot chicken wings; if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, then we must agree that Buffalo Wings and Rings will always be the ultimate sports restaurant.

Willy’s Kitchen

When burger joints pay extra attention to sides, we’re immediately sold, and that’s where Willy’s Kitchen hit home. The cheese-stuffed mushrooms and the chilli cheese fries were so perfectly seasoned to the point that explaining the experience can sound almost poetic.


We saved the newbies for last, New Cairo’s newest gastropub just opened up earlier this year, and we must say, our heads were in the clouds. To elaborate, their Cotton Candy Coffee is like a cloud on top of your hot drink. Living up to the name, the high-end gastropub offers so many varieties from quesadillas to sliders that ignite a full-on binging session.