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The Cairo 360 Guide to Maadi’s Best Restaurants

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The Cairo 360 Guide to Maadi’s Best Restaurants
written by
Sherif Khairy

With the huge amount of excellent restaurants here and there, one might get confused as to where to eat, and possibly even forget some of the awesome places, which is why today, we’re bringing you a compilation of the top places to grab something to eat if you’re in Maadi.

The Backyard

Masters of comfort food, this hidden Maadi gem will surely satisfy your burger, hot dog, and fries cravings. They have insane portions and delicious mixes to satisfy your every culinary desire.

Fat Cow

When you think of burgers you simply cannot forget Fat Cow. While prices are steep, taste is guaranteed, and consistency is top priority. Never has a visit to Fat Cow been a dissappointment.


A simple name with a simple menu. Yokal offers a limited number of sandwiches including sogo2, liver, and grilled kofta. Their bread is perfect, their meat is cooked impeccably, and the taste is addictive. Sandwiches are small though, so be sure to order a lot.


Staying along the lines of Egyptian food, Kazouza offers delicious street eats that will leave you wanting more. A bit more variety than Yokal, but also higher prices.

Desoky & Soda

Egyptian cuisine with a twist, Desoky & Soda offers a mix of Egyptian dishes with Western drinks, and Oriental desserts fused in with unimaginable add-ons. 

Frank & Co

Going a little classier here, Frank & Co combines elegant design with artisanal and delicious food. They offer a wide variety of meals including divine breakfast options. This is a must try in Maadi.

The White Owl

Found a few steps below street level, The White Owl is a simple restaurant specializing in pasta, and for that, it has garnered itself a spot as one of the top pasta restaurants in Cairo. Do not miss it if you’re a pasta-holic.


While it may not be for everyone, South African is a beautiful cuisine that is a must-try for foodies,and one of the very few, if not only, restaurants to serve it in Cairo is Zulu. Expect excellent service and a variety of interesting and delicious dishes at this Maadi spot.


Artisan food doesn’t get much better than this. Ovio is a Maadi favourite that has found its way through many parts of Cairo. They have delicious everything, and they constantly strive to create more dishes.

Tabla Luna

Latin American food doesn’t get more authentic than this. The bright-colored restaurant is cheerful and full of flavour. Whether it’s their cheesy enchiladas or perfect chili nachos, Tabla Luna is one of the best Latin food restaurants in Cairo.


Perhaps one of the best spots to hit when craving an expertly-cooked piece of meat, the grill house and smoker, Kazlak, offers premium meals sourced from 100% home-grown ingredients. 

The Staples

When listing top restaurants in Maadi, we cannot forget staples such as Crave and Sizzler Steak House. Two international restaurants that offer dishes that satisfy every appetite and culinary taste with consistent quality for years and years. When in doubt, go for one of these two classics.