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The Cairo 360 Guide to the Capital’s Best International Restaurants

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The Cairo 360 Guide to the Capital’s Best International Restaurants
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    Cairo has become a major food hub with cuisines from all around the world. And while some may be very popular with you, some of your friends may not fancy the same choice. So, the rule of thumb is, when in doubt, go for international restaurants, but which one? We’ve come to rid of you this confusion, and have set you up with a list of the best international restaurants in Cairo, those that do not disappoint.


    Being in the Nile Ritz-Carlton, a lot is already expected from Culina, but it still manages to shine. Famous for its delicious food, trying this restaurant once will definitely not be enough.


    Working as a bar and a restaurant, Aperitivo combines old-school atmosphere with top-notch dishes to make it one of the best international restaurants in Cairo. You can expect an elegant dining experience at this restaurant.


    Spread all over Cairo, Crave has garnered huge popularity thanks to its consistently delicious dishes, wide menu, and comfortable seating areas. May this remain forever a staple for surefire hit restaurants in Cairo.


    Beautiful seating areas thanks to its rooftop location, this eclectic menu is filled with premium plates that will keep you wanting more. They’ve made sure to add excellent service to their value proposal, and it works brilliantly for this restaurant.


    What can you expect of a menu developed by Chef Wessam Massoud, and a restaurant led by Head Chef, Mustafa Seif, Top Chef Middle East Winner? Exactly the kind of hype they were able to live up to. One of the best restaurant experiences in town with a brilliant atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

    Frank & Co.

    Generous portions, innovative mixes, and delicious plates, these put Frank & Co. on the list of our favourite restaurants in Cairo. A must-try if you’re looking for innovative international dishes.