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The Cairo 360 Guide to Zamalek’s Hottest Restaurants and Food Shacks
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Cairo 360

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The hottest area in Central Cairo, Zamalek, is always bustling with new spots whether restaurants or cafés. And since things can get pretty confusing over time, we’ve decided to round up our favourite spots in the Nile-hugged part of town.


One of Zamalek’s best bakeries, Copenhagen offers simple yet delicious sandwiches, plus a host of sweet pastries and delicious desserts. Hit them for a quick yet sophisticated munching experience.

Stacked – The Club Sandwich Deli

The things Stacked does with club sandwiches are absolutely wonderful. Forget your usual club sandwich experiences, for this creative deli offers some of the best sandwiches in town, with a side of delicious crispy potato chips.

Chick Shack

While it may not be the best restaurant in Zamalek, Chick Shack puts all its focus on rotisserie chicken and does it amazingly. With a host of solid side dishes to elevate your meal, Chick Shack is one of the best Zamalek spots for a solid and quick lunch or dinner.

Butcher’s Burger

When it comes to burgers in Cairo, Butcher’s Burger is perhaps one of the biggest names. Meaty and juicy burgers topped with all you can imagine. Butcher’s Burger elevates the experience with excellent appetisers and desserts.


Hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, everything is on offer at the best quality in one of Cairo’s best burger spots. Mince offers a number of delicious appetisers, tasty desserts, and refreshing milkshakes. If you’re not very hungry, you can go for their tiny but delicious sliders.

Il Divino Pizzeria

One of Cairo’s best pizzerias, Il Divino Pizzeria is quite a small space with room for about ten people. There’s not much in their salads or appetisers, but pizzas will make your day. Their crust is crunchy on the ends and just right in the middle, pizza sauce enters at the right time to complement toppings, and the whole experience will be more than delightful.


A charming pizza bar in Zamalek, Olivo has excellent-tasting pizza with truly premium ingredients, just take the Bresaola Pizza as an example, topped with imported bresaola (cured beef), this is one of the standout pizzerias in town.

Maison Thomas

One of Cairo’s oldest restaurants, Maison Thomas still remains one of the top Italian spots in town. Hit them for an old-school experience in a cozy, upscale restaurant offering tasty dishes.

La Trattoria

Authentic Italian restaurant with all the attributes of an upscale venue. La Trattoria comes with a hefty price tag, but in return you get delicious, authentic Italian meals, in an elegant setting. Whether it’s appetisers, salads, main dishes, or desserts, La Trattoria has it all.


International dishes, sweet desserts, refreshing drinks, delicious sandwiches, tasty pizzas, everything is available at this international restaurant. One of the sure hits in Cairo, this Zamalek eatery will be very difficult to pass over.


Offering a unique cuisine, Mezcal stands almost solo as a provider of Peruvian & Mexican food in quite an upscale spot. Prices may be high, and portions may not be big, but all dishes are certainly huge in flavour.

Left Bank

Boasting a panoramic Nile view, Left Bank is a mixture of a restaurant or café and lounge. While it doesn’t have a huge menu, most items on there will be a sure hit, especially pastas and pizzas in terms of food. It’s a chic spot with a brilliant view and excellent menu offerings.


Sushi by the Nile, what could be better? Mirai offers a host of flavourful sushi options as well as a number of other Asian dishes for non-sushi fans. The decoration is quite intriguing, and the view is absolutely stunning.


Resting on the banks of the Nile, Sequoia offer delicious oriental food with a breakfast menu to make you a morning person. The brilliant decoration complements the stunning view, and almost, just almost, takes the focus off their delicious food.