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The Cairo Guide to Fetar in Ramadan 2011

The Cairo Guide to Fetar in Ramadan 2011
    written by
    Angie El Batrawy
    With the holy month of Ramadan come the
    family gatherings and delicious feasts, where you can easily spend the rest of
    the evening lying on the couch and watching Ramadan TV shows while
    recovering from the heavy food you’ve devoured. When you’ve had enough of the
    family fetars, you can always go out and try the many fetar meals served at
    Cairo’s top restaurants and Ramadan tents throughout the month.

    The Egyptian Business Club on the fifth
    floor of the World Trade Centre is offering a set menu for fetar. Although it
    is usually members-only, the club offers two set menus to the public at 135LE++ and
    185LE++ depending on the ingredients. They recommend that you book 48hours in
    advance, and the same applies for the Cashmere sohour tent, which is held on
    the club’s terrace. For reservations, call 0198056228 and 0198055367

    Grill at the Fairmont Nile City

    Californian cuisine restaurant Napa Grill
    offers a buffet fetar for 180LE++ per person, while the hotel’s Ramadan tent
    Bab El Nil offers sohour. For reservations, call 16694.



    Arabesque offer a set
    menu that includes soup, starters and then mains, of which you have three
    options to choose from. You also have the option of tea or coffee to accompany
    the Om Aly you will be served for dessert. Price is 85LE per person, and
    although reservations aren’t necessary, they are encouraged to avoid being
    turned away. Call 25747898 or 25748677.


    360 Revolving Restaurant at the Cairo Tower

    360 Revolving Restaurant will offer a
    different set menu every day. Dining there will cost you 150LE per person, except
    for Thursdays and Fridays which will cost 190LE. The food on offer is wide
    ranging, and includes desserts and drinks, though you must reserve one day in
    advance through 27365112 or 0105063666.


    This year, Sequoia is
    offering a peculiar deal: pay a 50% deposit, and you will be afforded an
    open-buffet feast of eleven different cuisines including Italian, Egyptian, and
    Lebanese among others, as well as a range of desserts, fresh fruits and drinks.
    The cost is 220LE per person, and the dining as a couple should exempt you from
    paying the deposit, which is more aimed at bigger groups. For reservations call

    Blue Nile Boat

    A number of the restaurants on the Blue Nile Boat in Zamalek are offering special sohour meals. For 150LE, Dar El Amar have an open buffet of Lebanese food, while Lessa Faker are offering a separate set-menus of Lebanese (195LE++) or Egyptian food (165LE++). Asia Bar also offer fetar for 180LE per person. For reservations at any of the restaurants, call 0227353114.

    Le Deck at the Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah

    Located on the floating
    dock of the hotel, Le Deck offers a set fetar menu courtesy of the hotel’s
    grill restaurant El Kebabgy for 200LE++ per person. Sohour is also
    offered, as well as board games, TV screens, entertainment and ice cream. For
    reservations, click here.

    Garden City

    Zitouni at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza

    This Lebanese restaurant offers an open
    buffet at 320LE++ per person. It’s a massive feast of a fetar, so you’ll get
    your money’s worth, although drinks and water are not included in the total
    price. Making reservations is encouraged; call 27916875 and they’ll give you a
    code that you need to quote when entering the restaurant.

    Osmanly at the Kempinski Nile Hotel

    Turkish restaurant
    Osmanly offers a set menu of Turkish cuisine at 255LE++ per person. The set
    menu’s soups, appetizers and main courses change with every day of the week,
    and a dessert buffet is included in the set price.

    The Blue at the Kempinski Nile Hotel

    The Blue offers two
    set menus for fetar at 180LE++ and 225LE++, including soups, starters, tagines,
    hot appetizers, main courses and desserts as well as juices. The price
    difference between both menus is based on the number of dishes included in each

    Night and Day at the Semiramis

    This Lobby-level
    restaurant offers a ‘multi-ethnic’ fetar with Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and
    Italian dishes. The Open buffet set menu costs 175LE++ per person and includes
    taboulah, seafood tepanyaki, and freshly baked oriental desserts. For
    reservations, call
    27971818 or 27957171 Ext. 1151.



    Steak Out offers two services; dining at
    the restaurant and a delivery service. In terms of the delivery service, you
    have between 1PM and 5PM to call and make your order. Dining at the restaurant
    costs 100LE per person, and they staff suggests that you arrive around one hour
    before fetar; the earlier you are there, the quicker your food can be served.
    The menu is Steak Out’s standard, but there is a special collection of additional
    Ramadan dishes from which you can order from too. To either make reservations
    or make an order for delivery, call


    at the First Mall

    This elegantly designed lounge restaurant
    offers Asian fusion cuisine including sushi. For fetar, the restaurant is
    offering an open buffet at 160LE++ per person. Reservations are a must and they
    ask that you arrive an hour before fetar. For reservations call 35700121.
    Or you could book online here.

    Enjoy your summertime Ramadan fetar at Lebanese
    restaurant Aura with indoor and outdoor dining options overlooking the Nile and
    indulge in an extravagant family style fetar set menu at 260LE++ per person. Season’s Restaurant also offers a fetar buffet of traditional Egyptian cuisine


    Kebdet El Prince

    Don’t be put off by the endless photographs of
    the owner in and around the restaurant. El Prince serves traditional and
    authentic Egyptian and Middle-Eastern food. The only problem with the restaurant is the first-come-first-serve
    system that they employ; you can’t book ahead, and it get’s packed very
    quickly. It seems ridiculous, but we suggest that you arrive a good
    two hours before the fetar to guarantee a spot. It gets so packed in fact, that
    a queue usually builds up outside, as people wait for empty tables. For more
    information, call
    0237109292 or


    El Mundo on the Nile Lily Boat

    El Mundo is offering a Ramadan menu for 185LE per person
    after service and tax, with your choice of a variety of salads, soups and main
    courses. Choose among dishes such as lemon scaloppini, Cajun shrimps and almond
    chicken, as well soups such as chicken cream or tomato and oranges. Oriental
    desserts and drinks are provided. For reservations, call 19412.



    Condetti is spicing up its standard menu
    with Ramadan items such as orzo soup, lentil soup and cold Ramadan drinks,
    oriental sweets and hot drinks like Sahlab. Large groups should reserve one day
    ahead. The cool thing about this restaurant is that you can make reservations
    online via their website or call
    010 991 5555 02 2359 2440.


    and Gambini’s at Citystars

    The restaurant will be serving the same
    menu as always, but with two additions during the first week of Ramadan: traditional
    Egyptian-style lentil soup is on offer, and the choice of rice with your mains.
    After that, two additional items will be added every week until the end of
    Ramadan, each replacing the additions of the week before. Unlike most places, there is no minimum charge. For more information and to make
    reservations call 24802410

    Heliopolis and Towers

    Of the hotel’s several
    dining venues, the following have Ramadan-themed menus: Aqua e Luce
    offers an open fetar buffet for 210LE++ per person, while Lebanese restaurant Al Dabke offers a set menu for 210LE per person, with extra main courses costing 85LE per dish. The poolside restaurant Blue
    offers three set menus for fetar at 180LE, 190LE and 210LE++ per person. Egyptian Night offers three fetar set menus for 180LE++, 190LE++ and 210LE++ per person. Pizza Bar offers two set menus for 230LE++ and 240LE++ per person.


    Rosso in Masaken Sheraton are celebrating Ramadan by offering a set-menu
    fetar. The three course menu will cost you 85LE per person, with traditional oriental
    desserts costing extra.  Enjoy the tailor
    made Ramadan atmosphere
    and watch the best of Ramadan TV, play a wide assortment of popular games with
    your friends and while you’re at it have a Shisha. A special
    à-la-carte sohour menu is available to. For reservations, call 0222687410.

    Bon appétit and
    Ramadan Kareem!