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The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Asian Cuisine Awards Winners

8 restaurant Asian Cuisine Award Winners birdcage Editors' Choice Awards Four Seasons Nile Plaza Fuego Grill and Sushi Bar Garnell Sushi & Poke L'Asiatique
The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Asian Cuisine Awards Winners
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Be it sushi, hearty noodles, or a good Thai Curry, Asian cuisine has a way of keeping you on your toes and always wanting more. Here are five Asian Restaurants that we think are the best in town.

8 Restaurant

Located in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, 8 restaurant offers some of the most expertly-made Asian cuisine out there. Specialising in Cantonese, 8 aims to give you the experience of a lifetime, offering all sorts of meals from roasts to sashimi to unique Dim Sum Buffets, all catered to your enjoyment.


If you’re looking for delicious Thai delicacies, Birdcage is the place to go. Located off the main hotel lobby of the Intercontinental Semiramis, Birdcage offers an exquisite, lavish dining experience that includes wonderful Thai dishes like noodles, seafood dishes, and top-notch appetisers.


At L’Asiatique, you can experience Asian cuisine in the heart of Cairo. The restaurant is located on Le Pacha boat in Zamalek. It offers top-of-the-line exotic Asian dishes from various countries, including China, Japan, Thailand, and India. You can enjoy all of this while being surrounded by authentic Chinese aesthetics right on the Nile.

Garnell Sushi & Poke

Opened in 2020, Garnell Sushi and Poke is definitely a hit amidst Cairenes. Specialising in Japanese Sushi and Poke bowls, it also serves various Japanese dishes, including soups, salads, appetisers, teppanyaki, desserts, and main dishes. The restaurant also has vegetarian options for those with dietary preferences and is incredibly well-priced. Garnell currently has three branches, one in Heliopolis, one in Maadi, and another in Cloud 9 Mall in the 5th Settlement.

Fuego Grill and Sushi Bar

With several locations across Cairo, including New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed, Fuego gives you a unique Asian dining experience. Home to an amazing open Californian-style grill and a Sushi Bar, Fuego has become one of the most popular upscale sushi places in Cairo, offering a wonderful Japanese dining experience. In addition to its vast sushi collection, Fuego also serves steaks, chops, seafood, pasta, soups, starters, and desserts, for a dining experience you won’t forget.