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The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Indian Cuisine Awards Winners

Indian Cuisine Awards Winners Indian Restaurants Restaurants The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards
The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Indian Cuisine Awards Winners
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    Indian cuisine is best known for its spicy, flavorful dishes, from creamy Dal Makhani to spicy Tikka Masala, all known to satisfy the most adventurous of taste buds. But it’s not always easy to find Indian food that hits the right spot, but the verdict for the best has been announced! Here are places where you can have the top Indian experience…

    Indira Indian Restaurant

    Located at Heliopolis’s Holiday Inn Hotel, Indira is an Indian restaurant that is characterised by its exotic yet classy setting, featuring dark Indian décor with meticulously placed tapestries and oriental architectural pieces to set the mood. Offering Indian dishes in an elegant setting, Indira serves various Indian soups, appetisers, curries, kebabs, and its famous Naan bread, all bursting with mouthwatering flavours and authentic ingredients to keep you fully satisfied.


    Maharaja gives you the chance to have a true Indian experience at its various locations. With over 15 branches across Egypt, Maharaja is the most well-known Indian restaurant in Egypt, aiming to bring authentic Indian cuisine to the Middle East for a full Indian food experience. Its menu offers various Indian dishes, varying from appetisers, soups, and grilled vegetables to meat dishes, including chicken, beef, and seafood. With its wonderful dishes, Maharaja shares not only the food of the people of India, but their energy as well.


    One of Le Pacha 1901’s numerous restaurants, Maharani, serves unique takes on classic Indian dishes. With its thoughtfully designed space, Maharani offers delectable Indian foods, from classic Butter Chicken to scrumptious Palak Paneer, all characterised with bold flavours. You certainly won’t be able to get enough of their wide selections of bread, soups, appetisers, curries, grills, and wonderful desserts.