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The Cairo360 Editors’ Choice Awards: Oriental Cuisine Awards Winners

Ayadina Bab El Hadid Bab El Sharq Enab Beirut Ila Kazouza La Palmeraie Le Tarbouche Lebanese Diner Oriental Cuisine Awards Winners Taboon The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards Zooba
The Cairo360 Editors’ Choice Awards: Oriental Cuisine Awards Winners
written by
Nelly Ezz

All cuisines have their own distinct and popular local dishes. Middle Eastern cuisine includes a vast range of items, but the most common thread between them is the mix of herbs and spices that help create vibrant and complex flavours. Fresh, hearty, rich, aromatic – it’s no wonder that more and more Levantine restaurants have been opening up in the city the past few years. So, here are eleven places when you are in the mood for some local comfort food.

Le Tarbouche

Embrace the lavish essence of Egyptian cuisine at Le Pacha 1901 boat in Zamalek. Aside from the exquisite Nile view, Le Tarbouche offers an array of authentic traditional Egyptian dishes. Dine like a Khedive and enjoy excellent service, exotic dishes, and an outstanding view every day from 1:00 PM to 2:00 AM on the boat’s main deck.

Lebanese Diner

Lebanese Diner combined a metropolitan diner-style setting with authentic Lebanese flavours and modern American influences. Unlike traditional Lebanese restaurants, their menu focuses on sandwiches and grills, offering a laid-back and casual vibe to the experience. Their popular concept extends all the way from Beirut to Mohandseen, New Cairo, 6th of October, and Heliopolis.


Another Lebanese restaurant with an urban twist that surprised us with fabulous creations like cotton candy ice cream and mini hawawshi. Indulge in a magical feast of flavours in Taboon’s fantastic selection of Lebanese goodies: from mana’esh and mezze to breakfast trays and grills. You can find Taboon in Zamalek and West Town Hub in Sheikh Zayed.


Liver, oriental sausages, and everything in between, Kazouza took Egyptian street food to another level. When looking for clean street-style food, things can get a bit hard, and this is where Kazouza comes in. They started in Maadi as a hot spot for those looking for an authentic street food experience. But now, they have three more branches in 6th of October City.

La Palmeraie

Fragrant tagines, fluffy couscous, and pastilla pies – what does that all spell out? Moroccan! Embark on a journey from Cairo to Marrakesh at La Palmeraie, a Moroccan restaurant in Sofitel Cairo Hotel on Gezirah Island in Zamalek. The menu is authentic and unique; you can choose from three different Moroccan menus: the Fassi menu, the Agadir menu, and the Marrakchia menu.

Bab El Sharq

Bab El-Sharq is set amid lush gardens with a unique outdoor vibe. Located in The Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel, this restaurant brings you traditional flavours from all around the Middle East. Enjoy the taste of Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Egyptian-style dishes in the heart of Cairo. Their impressive signature dishes are also paired with live entertainment to give you the best culinary experience.


Egyptian street food was changed forever when Zooba was first introduced to the food scene in Cairo a decade ago. Starting with one humble branch in Zamalek, Zooba has made its way to Citystars, Korba, Maadi, Downtown Mall, Capital Promenade, Al Rehab, and New York City! Their innovative street-style sandwiches, plates, and desserts continue to impress Cairenes and New Yorkers alike until this day.


Authentic, heartwarming Lebanese dishes that go right to your soul; this is what Ayadina stands for. With many branches open in Point 90 Mall, Madinaty, Heliopolis, City Stars, Mall of Arabia, and Alexandria, there is no doubt that Ayadina has succeeded in touching their customers’ hearts and bellies. You can find everything on their menu: Arrayes, Mezze, Fatta, Shawerma, Grills, Mana’eesh, and much more.

Bab El Hadid

This Egyptian restaurant provides high-quality, fast-served, popular-styled sandwiches and tasty dishes. They are located in Maadi, New Cairo, and the North Coast, serving a selection of breakfasts, pasta, and even burgers.

Enab Beirut

Just like the name suggests, Enab Beirut is an authentic Lebanese diner bringing Cairiens yet another spot for when those Lebanese cravings hit hard. Among their traditional meals, you can also find the famous raw meat dishes that are very popular in Lebanon: Raw Kebbeh and Southern Farkeh. Find a branch near you in Al Rehab, Tivoli Dome, Cairo Festival City, New Cairo, and 6th of October.


Located in Cairo Festival City Mall, Ila is a cosy café that serves Middle Eastern dishes such as Shuk Shuka, Mumbar, Maqaneq, and Kabsa. A scroll through its Instagram immediately warrants a visit to the premises!