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The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Specialist Cuisine Awards Winners

chips & dips Fish Osmanly Ovio seecoz Specialist Cuisine Awards Winners Tabla Luna The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards
The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Specialist Cuisine Awards Winners
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    Delicious food is made all over the world, and every cuisine has its own characteristics. From the aromatic and wholesome Greek kitchen, through the delicately staged dishes of Europe, to the creativeness of Latin American cuisine, you can never grow bored if you are open and willing to try new flavour profiles. Experiencing different cultures and cooking has now been made easy because we’re always on the lookout for exotic new flavours and emerging international cuisines. Here are five places that will take your tastebuds on a unique and memorable culinary tour.


    With its Mediterranean climate, the Greek cuisine is well-known for its wide variety of vegetables and herbs, making it a colourful tapestry of flavours. Seecoz simplified all those refreshing Greek flavours in a few speciality items and brought us one of the best Greek street-food joints to hit the capital. Seecoz mainly specialises in mouthwatering Souvlaki, Gyros, and sides, offering satisfying chicken, beef, veal, and even halloumi options. You can find branches now open in Zamalek, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, and various locations in Sahel.


    Turkish cuisine is mainly influenced by Ottoman tastes and can be best described as a modified fusion of the Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. Osmanly, the Ottoman restaurant in Kempinski Nile Hotel, has truly captured the essence of this fusion. There’s no better place to go and dine like a Sultan and enjoy culinary treasures crafted by Turkish chefs than this place. Osmanly offers exquisite lunch and dinner options, all highlighting the Mediterranean, European, and Turkish flavours.

    Tabla Luna

    Rich culinary heritage and robust flavours, this is what Latin American cuisine stands for.  Tabla Luna opened a few years back in Maadi to show Cairiens the multitude of this rich and varied cuisine. Great variety in flavour, colour, and texture is what you’ll find on their menu; from Beef Chili and Enchiladas to Chimichangas and Empanadas, Tabla Luna will never fail to excite your taste buds.

    Fish, Chips & Dips

    The irresistible combination of thickly battered fish and flavourful chips is the ultimate British comfort food combo. Fish, Chips & Dips brought England’s national dish right here in Cairo so we can all enjoy UK’s quintessential culinary staple. Having just opened in Walk of Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, this deliciously English food joint has already awed customers with its palatable yet straightforward fried delicacies.


    From sweet to salty and every flavour in between, lose yourself in the array of flavours that Ovio offers. Their unique patisserie selection and dishes are inspired by European heritage and aim to excite everyone who appreciates great food. Ovio’s contemporary design and friendly staff ensure an exceptional experience every time. You can find an Ovio near you in Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, and New Cairo.