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The Office: Breakfast Edition (Heliopolis)

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The Office: Breakfast Edition (Heliopolis)
    written by
    Nada Medhat
    Via Ezcater

    Even after Eid, not all of us are entirely back in the office yet. At least not mentally! Understandably it all feels a little weird, right? Maybe we just got too attached to the smell of salt and chlorine, to the scratch of sand on our skin and late-night partying, that now being thrown back into ordinary life is a little jarring. But, it is what it is, and a good breakfast with coworkers, officemates and friends isn’t that bad of a replacement. We’ve covered a lot of areas in Cairo and we still have more! This time, Heliopolis workers are the lucky ones. So if that’s where you work, scroll down and see what we’ve got for you!

    Last Week of The Month

    Every week feels like the last week of the month these days, doesn’t it? It’s hard on all of us, but we still want quality breakfast. With no further ado- if you feel like going out with your coworkers and lunch buddies for a change of scenery and fresh air, then Kanaket Ahwa is a great choice for a variety of dishes and an amazing Turkish coffee speciality. For classic falafels from the oldest Egyptian breakfast restaurants in Heliopolis, then Alaa is the go-to, as wel as Rafaat. For something a little different and a little heavier, Protein El A’alat offers some incredible hawawshi to keep you going the whole day!

    Middle Weeks of the Month

    It might not look like it, but the middle weeks are the best. They stay with us longer, they are more stable, and there is this sense of familiarity and contendness; they lack the euphoria of payday, but also the frustration of last week. And we like to appreciate them with quality, reasonably priced food! In Heliopolis, Wael Pie and Pizza is the first to fit this criteria. Arabiata El-Shabrawy is a classic when it comes to falafel as well. Then you have Abu Ammar for a Syrian Shawarma office craving! For just a coffee and a nice pastry or a smoked turkey sandwich, then Cilantro would be a great pick. 


    We’ve reached the euphoria we spoke of! Where to go when you have just received your full salary and are feeling a little reckless/fancy? Paul is a great choice in that case, especially if you’re feeling like taking your break outside as well. Their cappuccino and truffle Mushroom Puff are exceptionally amazing. For a different choice, the recently opened Bouchee can’t be recommended enough!