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The Office: Breakfast Edition (New Cairo)

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The Office: Breakfast Edition (New Cairo)
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    We return to you, dear readers, for another iconic office breakfast, where every other week, we list your options for what to eat based on your salary’s current status. This week’s lucky area is New Cairo! New Cairo workers, you’ve waited long enough for your turn, but we’ve arrived with all your breakfast needs. If your office area hasn’t been covered yet, don’t worry! We’ll return with yet another district, and you can be sure yours will get its turn. 

    Let’s see where you can order and share a meal with your colleagues! 

    Last Week of the Month

    We might not be there yet, but after Eid, it may as well be. No worries, you won’t be skimping on the quality, which always comes first here, and there are great places where you can have your fulfilling, tasty breakfast without spending half of your salary! For some classic Egyptian falafel, El Ga3an is an excellent choice. Gad is too, of course; always there for us to rely on! If you’re tired of the staple Egyptian breakfast, Subway is always a delicious option, where you’ll get to make your own sub and go as creative as you like with it. 

    The Middle Weeks

    It’s always the middle weeks before you know it; time passes in a blink, and we must always be prepared. The middle weeks are long, and we hit a good balance seeking great quality that’s neither cheap nor particularly expensive. So, which places do we land on? Eggspectation is our first choice here, and for good reason; great variety of dishes, amazing quality, and decent prices! Ovio is another option that hits all the right spots, especially if you want to treat yourself to their mouth-watering stack of pancakes! Finally, there’s Qahwa, a trusted breakfast place where you can choose from a classic Egyptian meal, American breakfast, or even French! They also have vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals. 


    Best day, isn’t it? We always have our eyes on the prize, and when the day comes, we’re not afraid to splurge. Get your money’s worth with excellent quality food (and experience if you want to go during your break!) at Carmel, where you’re guaranteed a feast for breakfast and dessert from their large bakery display. Il loft is also another amazing destination for a healthy breakfast and one of those huge dutch pancakes! And last but not least, Bocca with all its egg-based dishes!