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The Office: Breakfast Edition (Sheraton)

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The Office: Breakfast Edition (Sheraton)
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    As you know already, it’s that time of the week for another Office Breakfast article. In case you’ve not run into it before, let us do a small recap. In our continuous efforts to help Cairenes navigate city life in every way we can, we’ve come up with an idea to help office workers with the most tedious part of working in an office, choosing what to get for breakfast every day!

    We’ve already helped the workers of Maadi and Zamalek. If either of them is where you work, then make sure to check it out. If not, and you happen to work in Sheraton, then this is your lucky week! So gather your coworkers around and pay attention!

    Last Week of the Month

    We all feel it now, don’t we? The last week of March is special as it brings spring along with it (special for those who were growing tired of winter, at least), but still, a last week is a last week! As always, we know (and intend to tell you!) how to get ourselves around it. We’ll start with Hamada Sheraton, one of the most loved Egyptian breakfast places out there! For incredibly affordable prices, you can fill your stomach with a wide variety of the best Egyptian fuul and ta’meya has to offer (and all that comes with it!). Another great option for fuul and ta’miya for breakfast at affordable prices is Papai.

    The Middle Weeks

    The cycle of time is sure to bring us those weeks soon enough! They’re not the best, but they’re not the last week either, so we might not want to spoil ourselves, yet we still demand excellent quality! And maybe a little bit of spoiling, but only a little bit!. Sometimes, when working days are long and tiring, we want something more hearty for breakfast. Meeting the categories here is Anas Al Demashky and City Crepe. However, if you’re feeling like having a traditional Egyptian breakfast with a modern spin, there’s Zooba, which is rapidly growing into a staple in all our office breakfast articles!


    We return to our favourite time of the month! Hopefully it’ll be payday for you when you stumble across this, but If not, then patience is your virtue. As always, we love starting our payday with something sweet and light. One (or two!) lovely cupcakes from Nola would do the trick. However, if cupcakes are too little for a fulfilling breakfast, depending on your appetite, then how about some pancakes and coffee? Dipndip, which isn’t exactly in Sheraton but has branches close enough, and La Poire Cafe come to the rescue! If you’re craving something savoury, La Poire is also still a great pick with their Mediterranean omelette and pastries!