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The Traveler’s Guide: 9 Tips To Help You Pick A Good Restaurant Abroad

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The Traveler’s Guide: 9 Tips To Help You Pick A Good Restaurant Abroad
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If you’re a food lover or a picky eater, travelling can be quite a difficult task when it comes to finding a good place to eat. Food lovers would love to try the food of the culture they’re visiting, while picky eaters are more likely to try to find something more in their comfort zone. So if you’re wondering how to find a good place to eat when travelling, here are 9 tips to help you decide on where to have your next meal.

Ignore Advertisements from People In Front of Shops

Sometimes when walking on streets abroad, you’ll see some people standing on the sidewalk inviting you to their shops with special offers. These are more likely than not shady advertorials by low-quality restaurants that will disappoint.

Avoid Eating Out in Touristic Areas

While touristic areas are sometimes the best parts to see in town, unless there’s a certain restaurant you’ve read about, most of the restaurants in such areas will be too expensive and totally not worth it. If you move a little bit away from such crowded spots, prices will go down and quality will usually go up as well.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Food is an art form. Don’t be fooled by the appetising name or picture, make sure you understand what’s included in the dish and how it’s cooked so you don’t get disappointed.

No-Request Servings Are Not Always Complementary

Don’t feel awkward to ask if what the waiter has served you is complementary or not. Sometimes, just like in Egypt, water bottles will be served without request but with a price at the end.

Main Road Restaurants Are More Expensive

Walking is your best friend when it comes to travelling, so be sure to explore those smaller side streets; this is where the hidden gems lie. Main road restaurants are good, but most of the time, side street restaurants will be much cheaper and still as good.

A Crowded Restaurant is A Good Restaurant

Not a foolproof rule, but still works most of the time. When a restaurant is crowded with people, there must be a reason for that: good prices, delicious food, or excellent service.

Locals Are Your Best Guide

A restaurant filled with local people is more likely to be good than a restaurant filled with tourists. Locals know what it’s all about, they know the good from the bad, and they can be your best guide when eating abroad.

Restaurants Make Mistakes, So Be Aware

Once you get the receipt, make sure to review it to ensure that there are no added costs. If there’s something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask the waiter to clarify.

Cleanliness Is A Sign Of Quality

Remember that you are under no obligation to eat at a certain restaurant, so if you enter a eatery and find that it doesn’t look very clean, just turn around and leave.

BONUS TIP: Google It!

Google combines the experiences of a lot of travelers and locals. Use Google to identify top restaurants near you, read reviews, check out the menu, and even see pictures of the restaurant and its dishes.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your trip, enjoy your meals, and try as much as you can to try different types of food. After all, food tourism is just as important as sightseeing.