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There’s Something About Blaze…

There’s Something About Blaze…
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Cairo 360

Almost exactly six years ago, Cairo’s budding restaurant and café scene welcomed a new member to Heliopolis that would go on to also be one of its most popular and enduring.

The place we’re referring to is Blaze, who after making a mark with its take on casual American dining, became one of the most popular hangouts in Heliopolis – a hub for locals, so to speak. There’s just something about it – something intangible, an x-factor that no one can quite put their finger on. So much so, in fact, that something of a community has been fostered by Blaze regulars – one that has survived three closures, the last of which happened in February this year.

Despite being closed for five months, Blaze regulars never wandered too far away, even going as far as to create a massive Whatsapp group to stay in touch and meet after their home away from closed. Some even went as far as to try and convince Blaze’s owners, who they humorously blamed for not having anywhere to hang out anymore, to deliver food.

So deep is the love regulars have for Blaze, that despite there being no official announcement of the restaurant re-opening on the first day of Ramadan, it was packed by the evening thanks to word-of-mouth that circulated – it was as if nothing had happened.

But if you want to point to an even more vivid sign of Blaze’s popularity, you needn’t look further than the fact that it has since opened branches in Mohandiseen and New Cairo’s Point90 Mall. Who knows – maybe those branches will one day have their own budding communities.

For more on Blaze during Ramadan, check out the official Facebook page.