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These Cairo Restaurants Will Satisfy Your Weekend Sushi Cravings

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These Cairo Restaurants Will Satisfy Your Weekend Sushi Cravings
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    The great thing about food is that there are many types of it, and we’re not talking about all the different kinds of cuisines. Types of food are like celebratory meals, cheering-up meals, too-hungry-I-could-eat-anything meals, not-hungry-but-I-could-eat meals, and of course, pamper-yourself-meals. Sushi is one of these foods that work with any of the aforementioned meals. 


    Located in proximity to the cluster of up-scale restaurants that is Left Bank and Sequoia, Mirai is perhaps the lesser-known one of the group. Mirai offers delicious Asian dishes including exquisite sushi, served up as you feast your eyes on a stunning Nile view.

    Mori Sushi & Grill

    Perhaps the biggest name in sushi here in Cairo, Mori Sushi has grown into Morico, the company responsible for Tamara, Mince, and Ted’s. Mori’s menu is humongous; it will take you quite a while to pick out your favourites, but it will be worth it at the end.


    One of the very first sushi restaurants to hit Cairo, Fuego has been rocking it ever since its launching. Offering premium ingredients, diverse choices, Fuego is definitely a go-to spot when it comes to sushi.


    Le Pacha’s Thai restaurant offers diverse choices, but it doesn’t forget to set a beautiful array of sushi options in their menu. Definitely shouldn’t be missed on your quest for sushi. 


    Formerly known as spice, this Asian restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza. It offers Cantonese dishes,  plus delicious sushi offerings, all with a captivating view of the Nile. 


    Mainly offering Japanese-Peruvian fusion dishes, Izakaya also offers a number of sushi choices. While all their dishes are quite delish, their Maki Rolls do stand out. Their sushi rolls include a delightful mix of flavours, spices, and sauces, that so subtly – yet quite powerfully – combine


    The other side of Japanese-Peruvian dishes in Cairo comes courtesy of Keji, and while comparisons are tempting, we’re glad to see that both are quite successful. Keji focuses on flavourful sauces that add taste to their uniquely delicious sushi rolls.

    Honourable Mention: L Sushi

    Sushi on a budget: while it may not be the best in town, it’s surely the most affordable. This sushi truck in Maadi promises good quality sushi at unrivalled prices.