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These Restaurants Are Serving Up Cairo’s Best Pizzas

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These Restaurants Are Serving Up Cairo’s Best Pizzas
written by
Sherif Khairy

Featured image via 900 Degrees

A square box housing a circular dish of triangular slices, the geometrical marvel that is Pizza! It’s one of those things you simply cannot have any feelings towards but love, absolute deliciousness in every type, whether you’re a cheesy pizza guy, meaty slices fanatic, veggie-loving pizzaholic, chicken pizza fan, or an advocate of the hated and misunderstood pineapple pizza. Today, we’re talking about a dish that works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a dish you’re never too full not to have a slice of. Today, we’re listing our top picks for the best places to enjoy a good old pizza in the capital.


Starting off with an upscale restaurant, the international franchise set foot in Cairo a while ago at Cairo Festival City. The serve-yourself restaurant offers delish Italian dishes, not short of brilliantly crafted pizza pies.


Just like its name suggests, Crust has a strong argument for serving the best pizza crust in town. Perhaps the most forgotten factor in a good tasting pizza is its crust, but this biscuity delight will surely intrigue all pizza lovers.

900 Degrees

Claiming to serve authentic Neapolitan Pizza, the Downtown Mall restaurant is home to a cheerful interior and a live cooking pizza station with a red wood-fired oven. Aside from their delicious appetizers, 900 Degrees has premium ingredients, flawless crust, and an overall impeccable taste.


In no way reasonably priced, this pizza bar claims the best ingredients for the big bucks. They use imported ‘00’ Italian flour, making for a crispy and chewy dough, topped off with top-notch ingredients, and offering flavoursome bites of goodness.

Andiamo Pizza Bar

Buzzing in upscale designs, this pizza bar opts to be more than just a pizzeria. Boasting a number of refreshing drinks, tasty appetisers and salads, and flavourful desserts, Andiamo Pizza Bar is one of the top pizzerias in town thanks to its delicious pizza and comprehensive menu. 

Primo’s Pizza

On the complete opposite side of the price spectrum, Primo’s Pizza is a small, non-upscale restaurant, offering delicious pizza at very reasonable prices. Their specialty is the Seafood Ranch Pizza, so don’t forget to try it out.

Il Divino Pizzeria

One of the biggest names at the moment in the Egyptian pizza scene, the Zamalek restaurant still retains its position as one of the best pizza places in town. Don’t miss out on their Il Divino Pizza.

Maison Thomas

A household name before anyone else on this list, Maison Thomas has long been a go-to place for pizza and other Italian dishes. Try any of their specialties, and don’t forget to finish off your meal with their signature Lemon Tart.


Located in the glamorous JW Marriot Hotel in New Cairo, this authentic Italian restaurant serves up delicious pizzas in the most luxurious setting. Have yourself a fine dining experience while still getting handsy with pizza.