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Tired of Cooking Fetar? Order One of These Special Ramadan Bundles Instead…

Tired of Cooking Fetar? Order One of These Special Ramadan Bundles Instead…
    written by
    Omar Yousry

    We've all been there; after a typically hot and hard Ramadan work day, slaving away in the kitchen and putting together the lavish fetar your stomach demands is the last thing you want to do. Well, you could go to your parents house for fetar, right? Wrong – they've been invited out by 3amo Mohsen and tant Sawsan tonight. How about a rummage through the fridge? Whoops – you haven't had time to shop because by the time you finish work, the supermarket on your street is closed and forget about getting off the couch to fight your way past other customers in the typical psot-fetar rish hour.

    Luckily, 99% of restaurants in Cairo deliver and this year, several eateries have put together elaborate Ramadan offers and bundles that you can have delivered to your door. Because Ramadan is hard enough…

    Cairo Kitchen

    Local Egyptian cuisine specialist, Cairo Kitchen, offers two fetar bundles this Ramadan, with an Oriental fetar (110LE) that includes your choice between chicken fattah, koshary, molokhia with chicken or meat, or a non-Oriental fetar (125LE) with your choice between roast beef tenderloin, mixed grill, or half a roasted chicken. Both meals come with a Ramadan drink, Oriental dessert, salad, soup and an appetiser. Call 16669.

    Chicken Tikka

    Grilled chicken expert, Chicken Tikka, offers a large variety of main dishes this Ramadan. For 120LE, you can get a salad, a side dish, dates and a juice, along with your choice of mains between boneless Lebanese chicken, farrouge, shish tawook and more. Call 19099.


    In the context of this particular list, Farroga offers the cheapest deals. For 59.50LE, you can get a meal that includes grilled farroga chicken, rice, salad, bread, pumpkin with béchamel, or the same bundle seven people for 300LE. Call 19454.


    Located in New Nozha, Franks also offers one of the more affordable bundles, with a fetar menu (26LE to 44LE) that includes okra, molokheya, oven baked potato, tajine variation (12LE to 30LE) or another set that includes chicken piccata with mushrooms, chicken panee and a side dish of pasta or rice (30LE to 50LE). Call 0101 555 7044 or 0101 555 7055.


    Considered one of the healthiest takeout venues in Cairo, Kcal offers an all-inclusive healthy fetar this Ramadan. For 75LE, you can get a vegetable or lentil soup, your selection between chicken or kofta, a side of steamed veggies, sweet potatoes or brown rice and a dessert of fruits or their special brownie and a fresh juice to wash it all down. Call 19718.


    For 80LE, Levantine restaurant, Shawarmaister, has you covered with a fetar meal that includes soup, your choice of two hot and cold appetisers, your choice of main dish between shawerma, shish tawook or kofta, two side dishes of basmati rice and french-fries, bread, Ramadan drinks and a dessert. Call 16229.

    Vinny’s Pizzeria

    Pizza might be a whole world away from tradional fetar foods, but Vinny’s offering two rather enticing fetar deals this Ramadan.The first brings together a New Yorker Pizza with apple pie and garlic knots, which should feed two to three people (125LE), while the second features Vinny’s famous Pizza Cake with apple pie and garlic knots, suitable for three to four people (240LE).  Call 19867.

    Willy’s Kitchen

    Home to the infamous Pizza Nacho Burger, Willy’s Kitchen has put together a special offer this Ramadan built on the restaurant's signature burgers. For 85.90LE you can get two burgers with skin on fries and drinks; three burger combos are for 119.50LE and five go for174.50LE. Call 01280108858.

    Wok and Walk

    Located in both Maadi and Heliopolis, Asian specialist, Wok and Walk, offers a Ramadan set menu (85LE) where you can choose either rice or noodles with your choice of beef or chicken, drink and dessert. Call  01061477773 or 01061477772 for for Heliopolis and 01274411214 or 0109001036 for Maadi.

    Happy Ramadan!