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Tried and Tasted: Our Five Favourite Pizzas

Tried and Tasted: Our Five Favourite Pizzas
    written by
    Aleksandra Sekinger

    There’s no food that can brighten up a smoggy Cairo day quite like a
    good pizza. With lots of pizza options in our fine city, we’ve tried and tasted
    dozens to give you a list of our five favourite individual pizzas in Cairo. Whether your budget
    is 10LE or 50LE, whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore, whether you prefer
    gourmet or baladi fare, consider this your guide to finding Cairo’s best pizzas.

    Leonardo Pizza at Maison Thomas

    It’s no secret that Maison
    makes a delicious gourmet pizza. The mere thought of fresh
    ingredients on their signature thin crust, straight from the brick oven, makes
    us salivate. Though there are a few pizzas that we would recommend, including
    the classic margherita or basterma pizza, our personal favourite is the
    Leonardo pizza (38LE), a combination of smoked roast beef, marinated peppers,
    artichokes, oregano and mozzarella that is heavenly.

    True to gourmet style, it feels more like a meal than most pizzas. However,
    one word of advice: we suggest that you eat in the restaurant rather than ordering
    delivery. The pizza is always significantly nicer when it’s fresh out of the

    Spicy Chicken Pizza at Pizza Master: Pizza
    is one of Cairo’s greatest pizzerias. Their menu offers a range of
    pizzas with beef, seafood, chicken, veggies and our personal favourite– their
    spicy pizzas! Food that is listed as spicy in Cairo is often disappointing, but these hot
    and spicy pizzas pack a surprising amount of heat, thanks to the fresh hot
    chilli peppers, that come with seeds and all.

    We recommend the spicy chicken pizza (37LE), topped with chicken
    shawerma, olives, fresh tomatoes, chilli peppers and mozzarella. The plentiful
    toppings help take the edge off the spice but don’t come close to diminishing
    it. Chilli pepper lovers; look no further. What’s another great thing about
    Pizza Master? The menu is buy one, get one free. So for under 40LE, you get two
    delicious pizzas.

    Gouda Cheese Lovers Pizza at Pizza King: When you suffer from cravings for a good-old cheese pizza, look to Pizza
    King, a local pizzeria that sells affordable, fresh pizza of several varieties.
    Pizza King makes a killer cheese blend pizza (39LE) made from gouda , mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. The
    cheese speaks for itself and stands confidently atop a freshly baked thick
    crust. Like Pizza Master, when you buy a pizza at Pizza King, you get another
    pizza of less or equal value for free, making this an affordable option for a

    Chicken BBQ Pizza at Schatz: A popular choice for many is pizza à la barbeque sauce, so we went out
    searching for the best of its kind and found ourselves at Schatz,
    a family-owned Italian restaurant in Heliopolis
    that has an authentic brick oven offering up delicious pizzas and calzones.

    The chicken barbeque pizza is a thin-crust pizza glazed with barbecue
    sauce and topped with bbq chicken, fresh mushrooms, red onions and lots of
    mozzarella cheese. The ingredients are exquisitely baked, and it‘s so
    refreshing to eat fresh mushrooms – as opposed to the usual canned ones we so
    often see – on a pizza. The pizza is topped with delicious parsley that gives it
    an extra fresh taste.  

    Schatz has also begun delivering, so if you’re seeking one of their many
    pizza options, you don’t even need to leave home.

    Fatatri El Tahrir: A best pizza feature wouldn’t be complete without mentioning where to
    buy the best baladi pizza in town. Fatatri
    El Tahrir
    offers fiteers and pizzas with various toppings, including vegetables,
    beef and tuna.

    Our personal favourite is the cheese pizza with vegetables (10LE), a
    large filo pastry pizza topped with onions, tomatoes, peppers, olives and rumi
    cheese. It’s extremely delicious, served piping hot and so filling that even a
    small pizza is enough to feed a very hungry person. One of the great things about Fatatri El Tahrir is that they deliver 24 hours
    a day to residents of Downtown, making it a popular late-night option for warm,
    delicious and affordable snacks.

    Once again we’ve put our tasting skills to work, in the interest of identifying
    Cairo’s very best on offer. In the process, we’ve discovered that Cairo has its
    own unique way of serving pizza, each of which can be equally delicious.