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TWO Restaurant: Italian and Japanese Fine Dining in One

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TWO Restaurant: Italian and Japanese Fine Dining in One
written by
Nada Medhat

Duality is inherent in TWO’s redefinition of what luxury dining is. In the heart of Madinaty, Kempinski Nile’s TWO restaurant brings a classical and antique sense of fine-dining culture. TWO joins two distinctive cuisines from different sides of the world: the best of Asia and Europe. 

Unlike most of Cairo’s fine-dining restaurants, TWO isn’t inside a five-star hotel, despite being managed by the five-star Kempinski Nile Hotel; instead, it’s located within Madinaty Golf Club, where members and non-members receive the best experience and treatment. 

TWO is one of a kind for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s the only fine-dining restaurant in Madinaty and the surrounding area so far. So, it’s naturally a favourite among the inhabitants as the best choice for a romantic dinner, sharing a high-quality bottle of wine with classic Italian dishes, fun cocktails with a cake for a birthday gathering, or even a semi-casual business lunch. TWO is high-end enough to match any of those moments perfectly.

The aesthetic quality of the restaurant is as elegant and chic as the best high-end restaurants should be, both in interior design and dish presentation. However, it’s not all just aesthetics, as TWO has the cuisine quality to live up to its perfect image. With its Japanese-Italian menu and a wide range of dishes that play the line between the traditional and the creative, it shows the mastery of fine selection. 

Kempinski Nile’s TWO isn’t just a sit-down fine-dining restaurant either; it’s also a place for party lovers! Every month, two parties take place on two different Fridays from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. They include top DJs with varying genres of music, adding thrilling entertainment to the great food and fun cocktails and perfecting the good vibes of the evenings.