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WATCH: International Foodie Is Amazed by Egyptian Street Food

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WATCH: International Foodie Is Amazed by Egyptian Street Food
written by
Sherif Khairy

Egyptian street food has long been our favourite, and we’ve always believed it to be some of the most delicious and hearty treats one can binge on. But when an international foodie comes to try out our local venues and says the same, then it’s truly something to be proud of.

Officially on Facebook for five years, The Food Ranger, aka Trevor James, has managed to garner over a million Facebook fans thanks to his amazing videos showing delicious food from around the world. He recently ventured to try Egyptian street food and published two videos; one in Alex, then another one in Cairo.

Alexandria was his first destination, and he was amazed by the delicious seafood that the Mediterranean city is famous for. You can see Trevor surprised by weird things that we’ve become accustomed to, things like donkey carts in city streets, for example. He walks into kitchens, gets to know what they have to offer, and how they get it done, then binge on the deliciousness. Breakfast got a 9/10 rating.

Next up was our beloved capital Cairo. The Food Ranger hit Cairo with high expectations, and we’re glad to see he wasn’t disappointed. He started with breakfast, again with foul, Cairo-style this time, and the usual appetisers such as fried eggplant and fries. Moving on to the meat, the famous Egyptian shawarma impressed him for a 9.5 Ranger Rating. Trevor definitely had to try the Egyptian-style pizza, otherwise known as feteer, and he went for the bang, earning an impressive 10 Ranger Rating.

So next time you feel that you’re not so impressed with local food, just remember how strongly an international foodie felt about our meals.