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We Know You Love Pizza, But Have You Tried Chef Romagnoli’s at Pane Vino?‎

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We Know You Love Pizza, But Have You Tried Chef Romagnoli’s at Pane Vino?‎
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Pizza is an all-time favourite to many, Italian food has something special about the flavours it serves. It might be the fact that the cuisine’s endless delights deliver a culture of warmth, family love, and happy feelings that bring out the inner child inside.                                  

When we speak of Italian, we must talk about Italy’s pride and joy and gift to the world: pizza. And while those who call themselves ‘a pizza person’ fuss about the toppings, other avid fans look for what carries them: the dough is where it all begins.

After a busy day at InterContinental Cairo Semiramis’ Italian restaurant, Pane Vino, Chef Giovanni Romagnoli, a pizza devotee and craftsman, goes home to search high and low – in books and on the internet – for inspiration for how to take it up another notch.

It all started somewhere in Naples –the birthplace of modern pizza, whose Neapolitan pizza has made it to the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage- young Romagnoli grew up to the sight of his mother working in her kitchen creating Italian classics.

Be it the iconic margarita, whose bosom carries the Italian flag in the form red tomatoes, white mozzarella, and green basil, or another variant that has no cheese on it; these Neapolitan gems are a cornerstone of Chef Romagnoli’s creations.

Certified in dough making, running a pizzeria in Hurghada, and finally conquering Pane Vino’s kitchen, Chef Romagnoli had his “Eureka!” moment when he found that the secret to a perfect dough lies in the slow (up to 24-hours) fermentation process. It also lies in the harmony of its ingredients and flavours as well, and every chef has his own touch.

Speaking of his personal touch, Romagnoli’s hours of research and experiments proved fruitful when he introduced his creations to Pane Vino’s menu that, not only cover the pizza section, but the whole menu as well.

Some of his non-pizza signature inventions include the Asian Inspired salad dressing that comprises salmon tartare with apple, that comes with a dash of ginger and sumac. When it comes to pasta, nothing compares to his fettuccine Bubba – named after the Forrest Gump character – which boasts shrimps, parmesan cheese, and cherry tomato, all under a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Leading a team of 13 chefs, Romagnoli has made it its mission to pass his legacy on to his assistants, as well as leaving his mark at InterContinental Cairo Semiramis’ Pane Vino; even if it takes him to serve non-menu items, but only if they pique his interest and sense of adventure.

So, when are you trying Chef Romagnoli’s pizza?

Pane Vino is open daily for lunch and dinner from 1.00PM to 1.00AM. For reservations and more information, call 27988188 – 01278680847.