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Where to Find Different Types of Burgers in Cairo

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Where to Find Different Types of Burgers in Cairo
written by
Nada Wahba

One of the most common ways of getting together with your friends or family is over food. Whether it be getting a quick bite, going on a first date, throwing a celebratory dinner or having a chill night in, food is almost always a huge part of any gathering. For the casual outings, Cairenes usually prefer to have finger food, or essentially a meal that doesn’t take a long preparation time and can be eaten on the go, and we personally can’t think of a better bite than burgers! 

Having a burger could be extremely satisfying, especially if it’s done right. There are a few types of burgers that we need to explore, however, before diving into the list of places that serve great burgers. There are mainly two common types throughout Cairo; smash burgers and diner-style burgers. In their name, smash burgers are made up of two smashed patties topped with American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and the sauce of choice. Such burgers are more popularly found and enjoyed on the go. 

Diner-style, or pub-style burgers are usually found in sit-down restaurants, where the patties are thicker than usual, and the burger is dressed with a variety of sophisticated toppings that bring the sandwich to a different level when compared to street-style smash burgers. This isn’t a contest of who has it best, it’s more of a mood dependent food that is equally enjoyable at different times, and here are the places that serve great smash and diner-style burgers!   


Of course Chilis had to be at the top of our list, serving delicious diner-style burgers since the beginning of time. They serve unique burger creations that you can choose from according to your preference and your mood. Check out their Instagram page here


A fusion between diner and smash style burgers, Maine serves smash burgers with diner-style toppings! One thing that distinguishes both types from each other is the bun, smash burgers usually come with a denser bun that makes up for the super thin and crunchy patties, such as potato buns or sliders. Diner-style buns are more forgiving because the toppings and the patty make up for the bun, which is usually a brioche or a plain sesame seed one. With Maine’s brioche buns, smash burger patties, and array of eccentric toppings, they’re the perfect go-to place for a casual hangout. Check them out here


This South African restobar makes mouth watering diner style burgers that you have to try. They have a wide menu of various meat burgers, from turkey and beef to camel and ostrich. Zulu also dresses their burgers in complex flavours and sauces, such as balsamic glaze and cocktail sauce. Check them out here

The Burgest 

Serving by-the-book smash burgers, The Burgest has a few options for their beef burgers, which is always a good sign for authenticity. From their toasted slider buns and crispy yet juicy patties, to their simple toppings and burger sauce, their smash burgers are a must try! You check them out here