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Will Sequoia Reopen Soon?

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Will Sequoia Reopen Soon?
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    Our favourite trio, Sequoia, Left Bank, and Mirai, unfortunately closed shop last October, and since then we’ve been hoping for any sign of their reopening, even if they had to move to another place.

    For many years, the trio has been the epitome of upscale dining in Cairo, with Sequoia offering brilliant Lebanese dining options, Left Bank handing in an array of international food and drinks, and Mirai offering delightful Asian cuisine.

    Just yesterday, we saw something turn up on our feed about Sequoia, they just updated their address. With hopeful hearts, we flocked searching for an answer, are they reopening? Perhaps they’ve decided to relocate. We saw that many more like us had done the same, looking for answers, and tagging their friends for this exciting news.

    Unfortunately, there is no actual news to this post. Sequoia has apologised for the misunderstanding, stating that nothing has changed and that they’ve merely removed their address and opening hours as some people still did not realise that they are closed.

    Despite this disappointment, we remain hopeful of seeing the trio return once more to the Egyptian food scene. They have blessed us with unforgettable memories over the years, and wherever they find their new home, we’re sure that many Cairenes will instantly return to being regular visitors.