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Wing, Wing, Wing, We Have a Winner

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Wing, Wing, Wing, We Have a Winner
written by
Nada Wahba

For chicken lovers all over Cairo, we know there’s always a sweet spot for chicken wings. It’s the combination of the sauce of choice, whether that be hot, sweet, tangy, or citrusy, and the crispy exterior that makes the dish so popular. Chicken wings are one of the go-to appetisers that you can munch on alone as you’re watching a movie or with friends over a casual hangout. To save you the hassle of picking out places to go for great wings, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

Wing It

From their classic buffalo and barbecue wings to their unique Thai chilli and garlic parmesan wings, Wing It offers all the basics and more. They also have a catering service if you want to invite your friends over or enjoy their services with your family for a Friday brunch! You can check out their menu and place your order here.

The Tap

Your favourite bar is also known for mouth-watering wings by the bucket because a single serving is never enough! Aside from their killer cocktails and finger food, The Tap has an exclusive wings menu with an endless list of sauces to slather on top. Check out their menu here.

Buffalo Wings and Rings

Sheraton’s main wing stop, Buffalo Wings and Rings, serves a satisfying array of sauces to dress your wings with! They’re one of the few places that have Lemon Pepper wings, and they’ve also recently added Bourbon Barbecue wings to their menu, which is pretty interesting, to say the least. So give them a go and check out their menu here.


Not only popular for their wings, but they also have a wings and drumsticks combo that is to die for! Wingmen also has all the basic sauces and some eccentric ones, such as their Alfredo sauce. Their wings are best eaten fresh, so visit them at their branch in New Cairo and order yourself a hot batch of wings! Check out their menu on their Instagram page here. 

Chicken and Ribs

While wings aren’t their main feature to order, Chicken and Ribs serves finger-licking quality wings. They have a few selections of sauces, but they’re all equally great! Whether you pick their Buffalo or Barbecue sauces, or if you want to kick it up a notch and try their Lemon Pepper Dynamite or Nashville Style wings, you’re in for a real treat! Check out their menu on their Instagram page here.


For Korean style fried chicken wings, head over to Kokio and try their exquisite marinades and sauces. With soy sauce, spicy sauce, and more, their wings hold a special place in our hearts. They double fry their chicken, so it’s always crispy no matter the amount of sauce that’s slathered on top. Visit their Instagram page here.