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Wondering Where to Go for Iftar or Sohour? The Park at Mall of Arabia Has an Answer for Every Taste

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Wondering Where to Go for Iftar or Sohour? The Park at Mall of Arabia Has an Answer for Every Taste
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Ever since its opening in November of last year, The Park at Mall of Arabia has been the ultimate destination to many, as it has a thing for everyone; a jogging track for the sporty, a play area for the playful, events for the sociable, and a wide range of culinary choices for the hungry.

Speaking of which, The Park at Mall of Arabia’s long list of restaurants are celebrating Ramadan with a diversity of Sohour and Iftar options that will cater to all gastronomic whims.

You can head to any of the crowd pleasers, like the international Crave, whose Iftar is formed of your all-time favourite main course, plus a Ramadan drink, a soup, and a salad of your choice from the restaurant’s colourful soup and salad open buffet.

Villa Caracas is also celebrating the season with special Sohour and Iftar menus that includes various Lebanese delicacies; for Iftar, Villa Caracas offers a buffet of soups, salads, hot and cold mezzahs, in addition to a selection of Lebanese pastries, and of course, various main dishes. The buffet, which comes at the price of 395LE per person, also offers a diversity of desserts, and Ramadan classic drinks.

When it comes to Sohour, the extensive menu at Villa Caracas has something for everyone; from cold and hot mezzahs, mana’eesh and pastries, foul and falafel, Eggs and Omelets, in addition to a spectrum of grills, hot and cold drinks, and more.

Dining duo, Ayadina and Blaze, offers various Iftar options that will cater to every taste; Blaze’s special Iftar set menu boasts a round of international items that come at the price of 175LE++, while Ayadina’s daily Iftar buffet that includes a broad selection of sweet and savoury Lebanese classics, Ramadan beverages, as well as shishas, and it’s for 300LE per person. As for Sohour, Ayadina’s all-inclusive open buffet is for 140LE++ per person, gathering a round of Lebanese delicacies, Ramadan drinks, and more.

Among the many other Sohour options at The Park at Mall of Arabia, local street-eats restaurant Kazouza has various Egyptian classics for sohour; we are talking foul, falafel, yogurt, white cheese with tomato salad, plus a round of salads (green, tahini, and pickles) for one person at the price of 55LE. Qahwa brings Sohour with a twist, offering an array of live-cooking stations, from which you can enjoy a round of oriental classics, including the all-time favourite dessert, grilled Konafa.

Now that we’ve come to mention desserts, The Batter Half and Co. brings back its staple Ramadan creations that cover all classic items, including Konafa, basbosa, and baklava, boasting various flavours, like Lotus biscuits, Nutella, and redvelvet.

All of these options come with a mood of festivities, thanks to The Park at Mall of Arabia’s special Ramadan entertainment programme that takes place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9.00 PM to 1.00 AM. Still wondering where to go?