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#YouAreWhatYouEat: Chef’s Market Launches Instagram Competition

#YouAreWhatYouEat: Chef’s Market Launches Instagram Competition
written by
Cairo 360

Just over a year ago, the shopping and dining monster that is Citystars welcomed a new, unique eatery. The mall, of course, houses all manner of dining, but this new addition laid down a marker for the Mosaique Dining Zone – an area reserved for a new breed of restaurant.

We of course speak of Chef’s Market, headed by chef, culinary entrepreneur and self-confessed foodie, Wesam Masoud.

The foods of the Mediterranean are synonymous with wholesome, almost familial dishes that are big on flavour and Masoud and co have taken these traits and added flair and sophistication to the equation, producing some truly outstanding, one-of-a-kind dishes.

A Cairo 360 review deemed Chef’s Market one of the best new restaurants to open in the city and praised it for its unique and complex flavour pairings. This was followed by a well-deserved 2014 Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Award and a flurry of praise from all corners. Chef’s Market very quickly became a trendsetter for what can be done with quality ingredients, fresh produce and a little imagination.

In short, there’s nothing out there like Chef’s Market and its food transcends its mall setting.

Masoud is very much of the opinion that you are what you eat – a truism that is, more often than not, surprisingly accurate. What has made Chef’s Market such a standout restaurant in Cairo’s increasingly crowded dining scene, is Masoud’s personal touches – his personal vision, if you will.

It’s this spirit that is the base for a Chef’s Market competition that launched this weekend, offering five lucky Cairenes the chance to win a four-course dinner for two. As is so often the case with the best thing in life, it’s all very simple.

-Take a photo of the Chef’s Market dish that best represents your personality.
-Post it to Instagram, using #YouAreWhatYouEat.
-Tag @chefsmarketcitystars.
-Top five entries win.
-Deadline for entries is12th of April.

For more information, check out the Chef's Market Facebook page.